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Skeptic News: Measles : Vaccination call after south west Wales outbreak

People who may be at risk of measles are being urged to have the MMR vaccine following an outbreak in south west Wales.
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A Curious Response to Vaccination

How should we view parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids? Are they idiots? Or is it not as simple as that? Continue reading

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"What do we want?" … "SCIENCE!"

Skeptics have long been vocal in their beliefs and there is a proud history of individual skeptics and nerds attempting to right wrongs, but this year also saw the unprecedented 10:23 and libel reform campaigns gather massive support.

Also in 2010, we have seen the launch of the Skeptical Voter site and campaign. It seems that “skeptivism” (skeptical activism) has arrived on the scene and may well be here to stay – but who or what should be targeted by skeptivism? Continue reading

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Oh Deer… What Can The Matter Be?

Many of us in the skeptical and science communities will think well of Brian Deer – for his great work as an investigative journalist exposing Wakefield and the MMR scandal. However do recent comments made on Australian radio show that perhaps he holds some similar prejudices and misunderstandings of how science works and is published that seem depressingly common among journalists? Continue reading

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Media Studies

This week’s cartoon from Dario Battisti. Continue reading

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