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Skeptic News: Randi responds, all is well.

James Randi has left a comment on Doubtful News covering the uproar regarding comments he made to journalist Will Storr in an interview for his book “Heretics”. Continue reading

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Skeptic News: Randi retraction

James Randi has denied he stated he was a “believer in social darwinism” in an interview with Will Storr.

But is this denial credible? Continue reading

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Randi on natural selection.

No one doubts the huge contribution that one Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, better known as the Amazing James Randi, has made globally to skeptical thought and inquiry. However on occassion his pronouncements can seem a little at odds with the scientific consensus.

Recent comments made by Randi have been seized upon by the quack community as evidence he has a secret eugenics agenda. Continue reading

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