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How to post on Science forums: A guide for Quacks

So, somebody’s wrong on the internet, and it’s fallen to you to put them right. Unfortunately, the person who’s wrong is posting on a Science or Skeptic forum, so you’re faced with having to deal with scientists and their bizarre ideas about “evidence” on their own turf.

Luckily you now have this guide to help you out! Continue reading

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Skeptic News: eBay to Stop Selling Magic

The eBay long-standing auction website are removing the Metaphysical listing category from August 30th and blocking attempts to list such items. eBay will no longer permit the sale of spells, curses, hexing, conjuring, magic, prayers, blessing services, magic potions, and healing sessions. Continue reading

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Skeptic News: Anti-Vax Attempt to Block Skeptic Blogs

Two skeptic blogs: reasonablehank, and Losing In The Lucky Country have been targeted by an anti-vax–motivated censorship Continue reading

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Psychobabble: Faking it online

Who can you trust on the internet to be who they say they are? Continue reading

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Bad Argument of the Week XVIII

Has chart sensation Prince transformed into the pop world’s very own Alan Partridge? The Twenty-First Floor’s Dario Battisti considers the possibility… Continue reading

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Dawkins.net: Storm in a teacup 2.0?

Anyone in the skeptical and atheist community who hasn’t heard of the row that erupted over changes to richarddawkins.net forum probably still uses a 56K modem and a dialup connection.
This post summarises the fallout and explores the issue of online communities: are they real or illusory? Continue reading

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