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How to post on Science forums: A guide for Quacks

So, somebody’s wrong on the internet, and it’s fallen to you to put them right. Unfortunately, the person who’s wrong is posting on a Science or Skeptic forum, so you’re faced with having to deal with scientists and their bizarre ideas about “evidence” on their own turf.

Luckily you now have this guide to help you out! Continue reading

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A Crowded Space

This week’s cartoon from Dario Battisti… Continue reading

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Quiz of the Decade

Roll up! Roll up! Test your mental agility in this test of wits! Continue reading

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"Inspired By The Science Of Genes"

Analysis of the new L’Oreal advert claiming their products inspiration from “The Science Of Genes”. Continue reading

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Iceland Volcano – What Really Happened?

An Icelandic volcano eruption has been touted as the cause for the grounding of airplane flights in the UK and parts of Europe– but are we actually being told the truth by our ever more biased governments and media outlets? Boris Cockpop investigates. Continue reading

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