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Burzynski: Damned if he does and if he doesn't?

Supporters of Burzynski like to take skeptics for task for all manner of imagined slights. I’d like to take the opportunity to address some of these and explain why I have written and keep writing about the Burzynski clinic and Antineoplastons. Continue reading

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Dolcefino: "Burzynski has published!"

What are we to make of Wayne Dolcifinos assertion that Burzynski has published clinical data?

But not in peer reviewed medical journals in annual reports to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission? Continue reading

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Burzynski: The CDA-2 Saga

There have been some interesting developments on the #Burzynski hashtag over on twitter related to a chemical solution known as CDA-2.

What are the potential implications of this for critics and skeptics of Burzynski? Continue reading

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Burzynski the Japanese research

By Keir Liddle Yesterday I posted a Skeptical overview of the latest email from Burzynski:the Movie creator Eric Merola and looked one by one at the claims contained within. As you may recall I said one claim was worthy of … Continue reading

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Burzynski: The Japanese research

How much support does the research of Hideaki Tsuda lend to Burzynsksi claims about ANP? Does it deliver clarity and a killer blow to skeptical criticism or do we remain as in the dark as ever about ANPs efficacy? Continue reading

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Burzynski – the sequel

Today Eric Merola, director of The Burzynski: cancer is serious business movie, sent out an email to his mailing list subscribers announcing the release date of the sequel to his long form advert documentary: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part II. Dubbed “Burzynski: This time it’s peer reviewed” by skeptics and critics of the clinic. The email summarises some of the films main features. Continue reading

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Alt Med: Big Pharma in microcosm?

Is the imagined world of the Big Pharma conspiracy, or indeed the reality of the more dubious aspects pharmaceutical industry, all that different from the world of alternative medicine?

Does alternative medicine hold up a black mirror to Big Pharma? Continue reading

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