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Is Science the New Religion?

Mark Edon makes his 21st Floor debut by discussing what science means to him, and what it should maybe mean to us all. Continue reading

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A Peerless View

The latest mewlings from the climate change “skeptics” include the charge that peer review is inherently flawed and a means of perpetuating academic censorship. Is there a case to answer? Continue reading

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GE2010: Evan Above!

Dr Evan Harris has become something of an icon for the skeptical community – what with taking on the homeopaths and the quacks, and generally bucking the perceived trend of MPs being ignorant about science and evidence.

However, he isn’t everyone’s darling, as Alex Buque discovered upon reading a certain article in the Telegraph… Continue reading

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Edinburgh International Science Festival 2010

Edinburgh International Science festival’s program of events was released today and we’ve had a close look through it to bring you some of the highlights coming up in April.
If you possess anywhere near the levels of science geekery that we do, you’ll be salivating at the prospect of the amount of juicy science on offer! Continue reading

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