Skeptic News: Glasgow Skeptics launch trio of petitions

images (6)From: Glasgow Skeptics facebook

Glasgow Skeptics is launching a trio of petitions, seeking to open up Glasgow City Council (GCC) to its constituents with the implementation of an e-petition system, to enhance evidence-based healthcare in Scotland, and to promote freedom of religious belief.

Come along on March 11th to our campaign launch, and help us get our petitions off to a great start!  The petitions relate to the following areas:

– Requesting that Glasgow City Council implement an e-petitions service, to enable citizens of Glasgow to more easily make their views known to the Council
– Requesting that Glasgow City Council organise a poll of electors in the city, on a proposal to discontinue religious observance in non-denominational schools in the city.
– Requesting that NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde withdraw funding for the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

Speaking at this event will be:

– Dr Margaret McCartney, Glasgow-based GP and campaigner for evidence-based medicine
– Gary McLelland, Chair of the Edinburgh Secular Society, which is supporting a similar petition on religious observance submitted to City of Edinburgh Council
– Local government representatives

Glasgow City Council currently requires a signature for every name placed on a petition, and so two of these petitions must currently be filled out by hand. Please come along, lend your name to these petitions, and help us to change Glasgow for the better!

We would urge all residents of Glasgow to at least consider supporting Glasgow Skeptics in their attempts to open up local democracy in the dear green place. This effort follows an attempt by the Edinburgh Secular Society to persuade the council to hold a referendum on religious observance in Edinburgh schools.

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1 Response to Skeptic News: Glasgow Skeptics launch trio of petitions

  1. Welcome developments. I would suggest that Glasgow Skeptics keep Glasgow Humanists, Glasgow Brights, the National Secular Society, and Secular Scotland, fully informed of these plans.

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