Skeptic News: Ayurveda physician, two others arrested

 From: Daily News Sri Lanka

An ayurveda physician alleged to be the main suspect behind the acid attack on North Central Province ayurveda commissioner Kumara de Alwis, and two others wanted in this connection were arrested by the Anuradhapura Police Crime Division yesterday.

Police conducting investigations in to the attack earlier arrested another ayurveda physician alleged to have been the mastermind who aided and abetted the attack.

Police said the ayurveda practitioner who came on transfer to the Anuradhapura Hospital from the Minneriya Hospital is reported to be currently on study leave.

A professional dispute between this physician and the ayurveda commissioner is said to have led to the acid attack. A soldier who is alleged to have been involved in the attack was arrested at Nittambuwa recently. The 23-year-old soldier is attached to a camp at Mattakuliya. Police said the other suspect who accompanied the soldier on a motorcycle is reported to be a fish vendor in Nittambuwa.

The motorcycle used for the attack had been hired from a vehicle leasing outfit in Nittambuwa, according to information gathered.

Police said the acid attack had been carried out as a contract job.

The acid used for the attack had been purchased from a shop in Kirillawala.

Investigations are continuing.

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