Skeptic News: Another ASA complaint upheld against Errol Denton

Advertising standards agency logo. Red tick next to the letter ASAFrom: ASA

Four issues were investigated and all were Upheld:

In advertisements on Errol Dentons website Errol made the following claims:

 “Errol Denton says that Crohn’s disease is not a disease at all and that it is the result of poor dietary habits causing inflammation to its unwitting victims. He states that blood cells of a Crohn’s sufferer is identifiable [sic] by its distinct abnormal tattered shape”

Claims below stated:

“Yet again, the doctor’s solution is to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs which only suppresses the symptoms and not deal with the root cause. Claims below stated “It is now high time to look at a safe natural alternative that works. An alternative that works every time with no negative side effects. It is time to look at what Errol Denton at Live Blood Test Harley Street is doing with his clients and the awesome results he has achieved with treating Crohn’s disease. The healthy side effect to Errol’s natural treatment is no more internal bleeding in 72 hours! Errol Denton has been achieving astonishing health results like these for many years. There are just a few of the thousands of his case studies on his website but they give a clear indication of the resounding success of his natural treatments”.

Claims on a page titled “Errol Denton Quack Doctor Or Super Healer Revolutionary Live Blood Analysis Expert?” stated:

“Errol has treated conditions such as Arthritis, Cancer. Diabetes. Gout etc etc all by using food as a medicine”.

Claims on under the tab “Iridology” stated:

“Iridology is the study of the eyes, particularly the iris. Your eyes serve as ‘windows’ to the state of your heath, with the iris revealing information about your entire body … An iris analysis is a preventative tool offering many benefits, and is of value to adults and children alike. Leaning about and understanding your genetic constitution will help you understand chronic health problems, including allergies, arthritis, diabetes, eczema, high blood pressure, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and many others”.

Complainants challenged Dentons outrageous lies claims on a number of points:

Specifically whether ad (a) discouraged essential treatment for Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes and Gout etc etc. All condition for which medical supervision should be sought.  All these claims were upheld and in now remains for Errol, who isn’t known for doing so, to tell the truth and change his misleading and exaggerated anti-scientific claims.

We are happy to highlight that yet again sanctions have been recommended against Denton, though we doubt they will actually affect his dishonest or delusional business practices. We also doubt he will halt allegations against those who criticise him as being racisits. We hope that eventually someone will be able to properly stop  this medical conman.

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