Skeptic News: State agents arrest chiropractic clinic owner

Stylised x-ray image of human spine with spine styled in a neon redFrom: Orlando Sentinel

State investigators arrested the owner of a Pine Hills chiropractic clinic on charges that he was illegally operating his business and collected thousands of dollars he was not entitled to.

Jacques Jean Baptiste, 47, faces numerous charges including money laundering, false and fraudulent insurance and grand theft. According to court records, chiropractor Charles Bame told authorities he submitted false information to the Office of Insurance Regulation on paperwork for Pine Hills Family Chiropractic Care. Under questioning, Bame admitted he did not “wholly own” the clinic, as he originally stated. Bame, who was arrested last year, admitted that Baptiste approached him and offered to pay a percentage of the profits for services if he claimed to be the sole owner of the clinic.

Agents say the agreement allowed the clinic to present invoices to multiple insurance companies that Baptiste would not normally be able to obtain without being properly licensed.

Insurance companies paid more than $126,000 to Pine Hills Family Chiropractic that the business was not entitled to, court records said.

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