Skeptic News: UFO over Grimsby


From: This is Grimsby

A UFO sighting has been reported to the Grimsby Telegraph.

A member of the public spotted the object whilst in Holton Le Clay at 6.40am this morning.

He said it was hovering to the west towards Waltham.

This is Grimsby are trying to locate any other potential witnesses of this UFO. Rather than contacting the Civil Aviation Authority, seek the opinions of as astronomer, breathalising the witness…

(We don’t mean anything by that last bit in case the witness happens upon this. It’s a reference to a Scottish poem about a guy who sees a UFO whilst coming back drunk from the pub.)

A previous UFO sighting in Grimsby was explained by David Patton, 51, of Suggitts Lane who found a red LED, or a light emitting diode, with batteries and a burst balloon which on the pavement near his home.

Another theory, put forward by an anonymous caller from North Somercotes, was that the lights are remote controlled military aircraft being flown over the east coast.

Of course it is always possible that the source of the phenomenon is simply Chinese Lanterns again.


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