Skeptic News: Psychic demands her Pistorious evidence be heard

Olympics Day 8 - AthleticsFrom: News24

A woman, whose requested to address the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on the “mental state” of murder accused athlete Oscar Pistorius, has approached the Constitutional Court, the Saturday Star reported.

The woman, who identified herself as “Annamarie, last name uncertain, previously Riethmiller” in court on Thursday, has since filed papers with the Constitutional Court to have her application heard. According to the report, she said she was contacted in a dream by Pistorius’ mother Sheila, who told her to make sure Pistorius was sent for psychiatric evaluation. After being rebuffed by the magistrate, she approached the High Court with her request to halt the bail application, but this court also rejected her application.

She claimed that the denial of her application, by Magistrate Desmond Nair, was a constitutional matter. She was unsure when the Constitutional Court would hear the matter, but was returning to the United States on Saturday. On Thursday she interrupted proceedings during Pistorius’ bail application. According to the document “Annamarie” handed to lawyers for the State and defence, the “urgent” motion, she wanted Pistorius to be placed under independent psychiatric observation for 60 days.

Annamarie claims to be the ex-wife of Dr Gerald Versfeld, who amputated Pistorius’ legs when he was a child. She believed Pistorius had had a mental breakdown. She is taking attempting to take this matter to the constitutional court and we would hope common sense prevails and this strange, and somewhat ridiculous, claim is not allowed to further obstruct or delay the course of legal proceedings.

All of this over nothing more than a “dream”!

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1 Response to Skeptic News: Psychic demands her Pistorious evidence be heard

  1. Guy Chapman says:

    I was contacted in a dream by Annamarie’s schoolfriend’s mum’s dog walker and she told me to be sure the court knows Annamarie is batshit crazy.

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