Skeptic News: big cat terrorizes North

northeast640From: Mearns Leader

A resident of Edzell woods contacted us this week to give a warning to people in the area after her and her husband saw a large cat on the road.

Dorothy Pert, got in touch as she felt that people should be made aware of the animal which was seen on Saturday night between the A90 and Edzell Fettercairn Road. She explained that she was in the car with her husband when the animal ran in front of them, she noticed the ears which were definitely feline like while her husband said he it had a long tail. She described it as having a “solid” build, brown in colour and being about a meter tall. She reported the sighting to Grampian Police and also contacted the Big Cats Society. She is now warning others to look out for it. She said: “There are 144 houses in the area, many with dogs and a large play area that is not fenced off in any way. I think people have to be informed what’s going on.

“I think if it attacked you wouldn’t stand a chance against it.”

Mrs Pert is not the only one to have witnessed the large cat, with other reports of it being seen near Benholm Mill and Auchenblae.

This is the latest in a long history of large cat sightings in the area. There was a reported sighting in Rickarton in 2009 and there were a number of reported sightings of a cat dubbed “The Beast of the Mearns” around Stonehaven in the late 1990s in the Mineralwell area and near Mackie Academy.

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