Skeptic News: Psychic center robbed

sfl-psychic-center-robber-photo-20130219 (2)From: Sun Sentinel

Palm Beach County deputies are hunting for a man who robbed a psychic center in Delray Beach.

On Feb. 5, a suspect entered the Psychic Center, located in the 3300 block of Federal Hwy, Delray Beach and committed an armed robbery. During the robbery the suspect forced three women and an autistic child to lie down on the floor.

The victims describe the suspect as a light skinned white male, approximately 25-30 years of age, 6’1’’ to 6’03” in height, thin build, with blonde or brown colored hair, blue eyes and possibly left handed.

Is that the sound of a thousand people taking to the internet to wittily proclaim “You would have thought they’d have seen it coming”?

There may be nothing to psychic power and charging for psychic services may seem like a cynical taxation on ignorance or gullibility but we don’t think anyone deserves to be robbed at gunpoint.

However dubious their business concerns may be.

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