Skeptic News: Chinese herbal medicine for treating cancer launched

ChineseMedecineFrom: Zeenews India

Netherlands based RegPak Bio-pharma today announced a tie up with a Taiwan based company Meriyana International Biotechnology to sell Chinese herbal medicine for cancer treatment in India through its Indian subsidiary Cancure (P) Ltd based here.

Announcing this, CEO of RegPak BioPharma Parminder Kaur said:”Doctors have been shortlisted to undergo training in Taiwan to work in the CanCure Clinics to be set up in Chandigarh and later, various parts of Punjab”.

She said a substantial number of patients suffer from cancer in various areas of Punjab and claimed that Chinese medicine would be helpful in treating those patients effectively.
Accompanied by the representatives of Meriyana International, Parminder Kaur said the herbal medicine, Chinmanna, has undergone several clinical trials in Taiwan, and that RegPak would be introducing it very soon in Europe where it has got the approvals to be introduced as compassionate medicine for terminal cancer patients.

Chinmanna is launched for treatment of various types of cancers including breast, stomach, throat, mouth, pancreas, intestinal and spleen cancer, she claimed.

There are precisely no studies into Chinmanna as a treatment for cancer available via pubmed or indeed from various other sources. Indeed a google search of Chinmanna only seems to reveal it’s existence as a medicinal herbs in reports relating to RegPaks intent to sell it.

All of which adds up to a very worrying picture.

Are RegPak marketing an unproven treatment based on anecdote alone to a large proportion of potential patients in India?

If so one wonders if they have even ever heard of medical ethics.

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6 Responses to Skeptic News: Chinese herbal medicine for treating cancer launched

  1. Dear Blogger,
    Your observations in the above story on the Chinese herbal cure for cancer are unfounded.

    Chinmanna is a biotech product manufactured under strict quality controls as per the norms of Taiwanese regulatory authorities who have certified its safety, efficacy and quality.

    Meriyana Biotechnology has been manufacturing this product for the last six years, and clinical trials as per the European standards have been conducted for various patients in the last 6 years, especially on terminally ill patients, who have survived and are living beyond the death-knell that was sounded for them.
    The European health authorities, after thorough examination are considering the product to be marketed for terminally ill cancer patients on compassionate basis who have failed all treatment modalities.

    Moreover, RegPak is not a mere marketing agency, but a highly respected Netherland based pharmaceutical consulting firm that specialises in regulatory affairs consulting services relating to human medicinal products and has focused on this field for over 14 years. It has thorough knowledge and understanding of the relevant directives and guidelines that have been issued by ICH, the European, US and other authorities.

    Should you require any further information or clarification on any medical or legal matter please feel free to send you comments via our website

    Best regards,
    Parminder Kaur (CEO)

    • Rob says:

      “clinical trials as per the European standards have been conducted for various patients in the last 6 years”

      Where have these clinical trials been published?

  2. Adam says:

    Hello Parminder

    If the observations are unfounded, it should be really easy for you to demonstrate that: just provide a citation to the publications of the clinical studies so that we can read them for ourselves.

    If you can show that your product actually has been proven safe and effective in good quality clinical trials, I’m sure the author of this blog will be more than happy to issue a correction.

  3. Drew says:

    “Miraculous” aparently.

    Still no link to these Taiwanese studies though. Obviously we all want this to be true so let’s hope we get to read the research soon.

    It would be so disappointing if it turned out to be total woo-woo charlatan bullshit.


    It’s a noble work that you are carrying in the field of cancer cure particularly in the areas of Majha and Malva areas of Punjab.But you will agree that the job requires Marketing of the medicine with exceptional communication skills to create a clientale for the company brand.The field force should be biotechnologically qualified to do the job and to promote this product to the medical fraternity with allthe required certifications and documents.If interested in pursuing the business prospective with likeminded people,then youcan rely on me.

    Manmohan Singh,

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