Skeptic News: Maryland to license quacks?

NaturopathyFrom: Forbes

Quacks never give up. In their never-ending quest to make money from bogus treatments, they try all kinds of strategies to convince people that what they’re selling really, really works, despite the evidence to the contrary.

One strategy is creating a legal licensing system. If the government licenses your profession, it must be legitimate, right? Legislators wouldn’t approve a licensing system for nonsense, would they? Of course not! So it’s strange that the Maryland legislature is considering a bill in its upcoming session to allow naturopaths to practice medicine in the state of Maryland.

The new Maryland bill would require physicians to violate medical ethics. The AMA code of ethics states that

“It is unethical to engage in or to aid and abet in treatment which has no scientific basis and is dangerous, is calculated to deceive the patient by giving false hope, or which may cause the patient to delay in seeking proper care.”

By adding a naturopath to the Maryland State Board of Physicians, and by requiring them to license naturopaths to practice medicine, the legislature is forcing physicians to act unethically. So if you live in Maryland, take a few minutes and write to your state representative telling him or her not to support this quack bill.

A campaign is actively trying to oppose the passing of these measures that would allow naturopaths the same licensure as primary care physicians (PCP), with the same scope of practice as primary care medical doctors, in all of the US’s 50 states. Naturopaths are seeing this as an opportunity to force public and private insurance reimbursement for their services and their inclusion in primary care practice  groups.

We encourage Skeptics in America to contact their legislative members to oppose the bill and stop the quacks stealing some ill earned credibility.

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