Skeptic News: witchcraft in New Zealand hospital


From : TV NZ

Wanganui District Health Board canned its natural therapy clinic after senior doctors expressed concerns about “witchcraft” being practised at the hospital, leaked documents reveal.

They also show the DHB spent $4777 seeking legal opinions on the clinic – it had previously said no extra money had been spent on setting it up in a building on Wanganui Hospital grounds.

Documents show the clinic was covered by the board’s liability insurance and that the Medical Council needed evidence it would do no harm.

Meditation, massage and energy healing – including reiki and colour therapy – were offered free to staff as part of a three-month trial which began in August.

The trial was halted in September after comments by emergency department specialist Chris Cresswell linked the clinic to witchcraft and wizardry. He was the driving force behind the initiative and wanted to open it up to patients.

Medical staff who had signed off on the trial said they did not realise witchcraft would be offered as part of the clinic.

What appears to have happened is the clinic allowed a trial of “recognised” alternative therapies to take place but that this was used to slip in other practices under the radar.

Though one has to wonder why the line was drawn where it was. What’s the substantive difference between Reiki and witchcraft in terms of evidence?


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1 Response to Skeptic News: witchcraft in New Zealand hospital

  1. Acleron says:

    It defeats me that anybody considers these quacks have any credibility when they are continually using underhand tactics to flog their scams.

    And it is great to see you up and running again.

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