Skeptic News: "Spiritual advisor" sexually assaults women

8992673_448x252From: ABC Local

Police say a spiritual adviser accused of using his position to sexually assault women in Downey may have more victims.

Jose Felix of Victorville is being held on $400,000 bail. The 40-year-old was taken into custody a week ago under suspicion of sexual assault.

Police say Felix placed advertisements as spiritual adviser “Chaman Vidente” in a Spanish-language magazine. Investigators think he may have additional victims outside the Downey area.

Such cases where unscrupulous individuals abuse titles such as “healer” or “spiritual advisor” for the purposes of abuse and manipulation are¬†regrettably¬†common. Whatever some may think of those who believe in alternative health modalities or obscure belief systems we must remain aware that people will take advantage of these.

It is people like Felix that Skeptics should expose before they can cause serious harm to those who trust them.


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