Skeptic News: Yeti sighting or hoax?

yeti_lgFrom : UKDailyMails YouTube

The clearest sighting of a Yeti yet… or an elaborate hoax by some schoolboys?

Footage shows ‘Abominable Snowman’ trudging through snow in Siberia filmed on phone by boy, 11, who followed creature after spotting its tracks

Youngster shouted ‘I’m going to be eaten’ when Yeti turned towards him and an expert claims the video is the best ever sighting of the Yeti in Russia

He said: ‘I don’t doubt it was a Yeti. It stood in a typical pose with its back slightly bent’

You can view the video by clicking the link above. Needless to say it is far from the convincing evidence you might expect.

The video follows the young boys as they “track” a single line of “Yeti” prints towards the tree line through the snow. Presumably the Yeti was hopping? They then reach the treeline and take cover behind a snow drift cautiously they peer over for a glimpse at the creature.

Which, surprisingly enough for videos of this kind, is an out of focus dark figure in the distance. The creature quickly vanishes and the boys film their retreat.

If this is the best sighting ever of a Yeti in Russia one wonders what quality the others were!


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