Skeptic News: Quackademia in Canada

chinese-medicine-250_tcm18-92780From: Vancouver Sun

The PCU College of Holistic Medicine in Burnaby has applied to the province to become the first school in Canada with the ability to grant a university degree in traditional Chinese medicine.

The proposal to the degree quality assessment board, which the school expects to submit within weeks, has been in the works since 2006, said dean John Yang.

Yang has no idea whether his was the school Premier Christy Clark had in mind when she mentioned the creation of a school of traditional Chinese medicine at a B.C. post-secondary institution during her throne speech Tuesday. Now, only diplomas are available through private colleges.

Yang believes it’s time for a university degree, such as a bachelor of traditional Chinese medicine with a major in acupuncture. Most students spend at least five years and many international students desire a degree comparable to ones available in China, Japan or Korea.

The education ministry said Wednesday no decisions have been made what institution would house the new school.

Kwantlen University also has started to incorporate alternative health practices such as acupuncture in its pending bachelor of science in health science program, but spokeswoman Joanne Saunders said the school has no plans to start granting degrees.

British Columbia already recognizes TCM under the Health Professionals Act, and some acupuncture treatments are covered by the Medical Services Plan. However it is worrying to see that Kwantlen University (a new Uni but a University none-the-less) offering alternative health practices as part of a Bachelor of science program.

When will Universities learn that quackademia may be an attractive money-spinner but makes a mockery of science programs.


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