Skeptic News: Don’t camp HIV and AIDS patients, Prayer camps advised

images (2)From: Ghana Web

Owners of prayer camps and spiritual healing centres have been cautioned against keeping HIV and AIDS patients in their premises and urged to refer them to appropriate health facilities for proper care and attention.

Dr Gloria Asare, in a response to a question at the just ended Regional forum on the National HIV/AIDS, Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) Policy, expressed unhappiness that such ailing patients were kept at such facilities until their terminal stage before they were transferred to the hospitals.

She said though patients had the right to choose between orthodox, traditional and spiritual method for treatments, it is imperative that they were assessed by trained HIV and AIDS clinicians rather than any other means.

Dr Asare said some traditional medicines had the potency of relieving patients of the pain and symptoms of the disease but did not actually cure or kill the virus.

The use of prayer or traditional medicine in an attempt to cure AIDS is worryingly misguided. However such things are common across Africa where access to medical treatment can be sparse or non-existent.

Faith will not heal only access to good medical care even stands a chance at treating AIDS.

Certainly previous reports on the standards of care offered in Ghanas prayer camps does not inspire any confidence that these are places where people can get better.

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