We're back!

By Keir Liddle

openIt’s been a while hasn’t it?

We were taken down by the live blood analysis quack Errol Denton. Who you may recognise from his many attempts to smear skeptical bloggers and critics as racists.

But we are back with thanks to @sceptiguy and normal service will be resumed from tomorrow.

However plans are afoot for great things…


  • a skeptic/science writing prize
  • a new podcast
  • As well as lots of other small ideas…

So watch this space.

But why were we taken down? Well there is a lesson in that for Skeptical bloggers everywhere. Perhaps more than one.

Lesson one: Ensure you understand copyright law properly and don’t use the image of a quack for criticism or news when the quack owns the copyright. As it turns out photos aren’t covered by fair use and you might find yourself DMCA’d.

Lesson two: There are a lot of people out there who are highly motivated to try and find any way they can to take down any criticism of them. Errol Denton is a perfect example of this. He is also a massive hypocrite: Errol has been using multiple images of Jo Brodie, a blogger he has claims is a  racist for criticising his quackery, on his Facebook and multiple attack blogs.

He has also posted on many sites asking people to sign up to WordPress and report Josephine Jones blog as abusive in an attempt to silence his critics.

Well we are back Errol and you will be sure your malicious lies and slanders will not go unexposed and your persistent quackery will not go unchallenged. You pissed me off. Probably shouldn’t have done that.

If anyone wants to help the fight against Errols lies and libels please check out Guy Chapman’s blog for details on how to assist.

Lesson three:  There are some great supportive skeptics out there who devoted time, effort and support to our endeavours to get the site back up. Without them we might have packed it all in a long time ago.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get the sight up and to everyone who supported us and encouraged us to keep going.

If anything this whole affair could have soured us on blogging and skepticism for good but the reverse is now true. It will be business as usual for a while on the site but behind the scenes I’ll be working away to make it better.

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5 Responses to We're back!

  1. Jo Brodie says:

    Lovely to have you back and sorry that you’ve had such an annoying time of it with migrating the content and all the attendant etceteras.

    Hooray 🙂


  2. Guy Chapman says:

    It is my pleasure to have done my bit to get the site back online.

    Operation Maximum Butthurt is now underway. Errol Denton is a malicious hypocritical lying spamming quack. Thanks to his lies, hypocrisy and malice he has risen above the surface of the ever present cesspool of quackery and made himself a target.

    How smart was that, exactly?

    My Errol Denton “Quackdown” page has some references people may feel inclined to follow up.

    In particular, right now they should contact Black Talk Radio Network and report his abuse of their site. And maybe sign up and ask him the perennially awkward question: what evidence does he have of racism? The answer, of course, is that he has even less evidence of racism than he does to support his advertising claims. An extraordinary achievement, I’m sure you’ll agree.

  3. Great to see you’re back at last. You have been sorely missed. I didn’t realise how much I link to you until you’d gone.

  4. spikesandspokes says:

    Welcome back. On Mr Denton he is currently being looked at by the ASA re claims of being a doctor and physician, depending on how that goes I may re-contact the GMC regarding such claims. He is a lying f**kwit.

  5. al capone junior says:

    Glad to see you guys back up. I’ve linked and tweeted some of the links from this site and Guy’s site. I’m glad that you guys are energized by this, the quacks cannot be allowed to get away with such ridiculousness.

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