Skeptic News: The Galloway Puma

article-0-03C67DB20000044D-360_468x286From: Galloway Gazette

The elusive Galloway big cat, now known as “the Galloway puma”, has been spotted for the first time in two years just outside Newton Stewart.

A couple travelling to Glasgow managed to get so close to the creature that they were in no doubt as to what it was.

Alan Dalton and his wife Mandy had been staying with relatives in Stranraer before popping in to see a nephew in Newton Stewart on Sunday.

Alan said: “We dropped off Christmas presents at his house before heading home on the Girvan road at about 3.30pm. The light was fading and we rounded the corner near the gates to Penninghame House when Mandy pointed to something on the opposite side of the road. What looked like a particularly big black dog was crouched by the roadside, watching us approach.

“I slowed right down as I thought its owner must also be nearby and didn’t want either of them to step out, but as we passed it was clear this wasn’t a dog. I do feel foolish saying this but I’d swear it was a huge cat. It had yellowish eyes and a big tail that was wrapped around its legs.”

The big cat mystery has been present in Galloway for years. Sightings have been recorded from as far east as Corsock and as far west as Ardwell, with Garlieston, Creetown, Gatehouse, New Luce, Glentrool and Kirkcowan also calling in with strange creatures spotted in back gardens and fields.

Alans, who is reported as being a scientist, sighting has been explained as probably being a large feral cat rather than a puma.

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