Skeptic News: Traditional healer accussed of raping children

nduse-2-160x160From: The Voice

A self-styled traditional healer appeared in court last week charged with raping four underage girls, three of whom were only five-years-old.

George Nduse, 54, who .as pleaded not guilty to the charges, shook his head seemingly in disbelief as the mothers to the alleged victims took turns testifying last Wednesday. Nduse also allegedly raped his stepdaughter while claiming to exorcise evil spirits from the school girl on January 28th in Nata. He was captured by police after three days on the run.

The three witnesses all blood sisters from Nata alleged that Nduse, who was having an intimate relationship with one of the sisters aged 44, started abusing the youngest victims in 2010. They said the self-acclaimed traditional healer would at times take the kids to the bush alone on a healing or cleansing exercise.

He would disguise his deeds saying he was cleansing the children of bad luck.

His trial continues. Nata deputy station commander, Assistant Superintendent Amon Selabe, warned parents not to entrust their children  to traditional healers because it could lead to rape and molestation.

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