Skeptic News: Hamilton couple defrauded of $7,800 in alleged witchcraft scam

HamiltonFrom: CBC News

A Hamilton couple lost $7,800 in an alleged witchcraft scam, according to Toronto police.

A 40-year-old Toronto area man charged last month with pretending to practise witchcraft is now facing additional charges.

Toronto police say Gustavo Valencia Gomez of Mississauga was arrested again this week after other alleged victims came forward.

Police allege the new victims are a Hamilton couple, defrauded of $7,800 between May and October, and an elderly Montreal couple, defrauded of $13,000 on Nov. 28

Investigators say a man used rituals to convince his victims that they were cursed and then offered to remove the curse for a sum of money.

He allegedly “[used] ruses to make someone believe” his spells were real, said Victor Kwong, a media relations officer for the Toronto Police Service.

One of the rituals, Kwong said, involved the cracking of eggs.

Gomez faces charges that include pretending to practise witchcraft, fraud over $5,000, and possession of the proceeds of crime.

Police say Gomez advertised his services as a healer in Toronto, Mississauga, London, Ont., and Montreal. The advertisements appeared in El Negocio Redondo, a Spanish-language newspaper Gomez publishes.

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