Skeptic News: Arrest made in illegal chiropractic clinic bust


State investigators are working to catch a group of people they said ran a fake chiropractic clinic after stealing a real doctor’s name.

Three people have been arrested for allegedly running the Orange County clinic on West Colonial Drive. Office manager Carmita Etienne is the latest person to be arrested in what authorities call an elaborate and illegal scheme. Etienne turned herself in at the Orange County Jail Tuesday.

Investigators said she and two others stole tens of thousands of dollars while operating an unlicensed clinic called Selective Chiropractic.

Clinic owner Elize Verty turned himself in on Monday, while manager Lakisha Williams was arrested last month.

Documents show the group forged a real doctor’s signature to register the clinic. That chiropractor helped authorities catch them, complaining to state officials that someone was using her name.

Although Selective Chiropractic was a illegally licensed clinic with unlicensed workers, investigators said they were treating real patients. In the process, authorities said they billed more than $50,000 in fraudulent insurance claims.

Investigators think there may be more arrests.

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1 Response to Skeptic News: Arrest made in illegal chiropractic clinic bust

  1. Adam C. says:

    Hmm. I see that by “real doctor” they meant “fake doctor, a.k.a. chiropractor, which is not a doctor”.

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