Skeptic News: Heavy Metal – Bigger than Hubbard.

Ozzie-the-God-Of-Heavy-Metal-50398From: Loudwire

A hardy congratulations is in order for the religion of heavy metal … Yes, the religion of heavy metal. In the beautiful United Kingdom, thousands of people claimed “heavy metal” as their religion in a recent census, beating out Druidism, Satanism and Scientology.

Bless all you metalheads out there in the U.K., for you’ve chosen to follow the path of Reverend Dickinson, Pastor Halford and Saint Dio, among other blessed musicians within the heavy metal realm. According to The Guardian, 6,242 people answered ‘Heavy Metal’ when asked their religion within the census. Paganism and Wicca ended up with more write-ins than Heavy Metal, but only 4,189 people declared themselves as druids, with even less claiming Scientology as their religion. Additionally, a total of 1,983 chose to label themselves as Satanists and a whopping 176,632 people claim to have mastered “the force” as Jedi Knights.

The Heavy Metal religion campaign was spearheaded by Metal Hammer and Saxon singer Biff Byford, who helped gather the votes of fans. “Heavy metal is a tribal music and everyone is a member of the tribe,” Byford told in 2010. “The audience is very, very loyal… especially the Germans. It’s not like pop music, where if the next song isn’t good enough then forget about it; with our music, people will allow you to be shit sometimes, and that’s one of the great things.”

So there we have it. There are less than 4,000 Scientologists.



cientologists in the UK.

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