Skeptic News: Zimbabwean Man Arrested for Accusing Brother of Witchcraft

From: All Africa

A Harare man, who accused his brother of using witchcraft to acquire wealth before advising him to visit famous Nigerian “prophet” TB Joshua for exorcism, was on Friday fined US$100. Shepherd Nhodza, 40, admitted to a charge of criminal insult when he appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Barbra Masinire.

Prosecutor Mr David Magwegwe was arrested after sending his 50-year-old brother Mr Eric Imbayago messages, accusing him of using a goblin to torment the family and make money in the process.

The agreed facts are that Nhodza sent three different messages between October 12 and 29, this year.

In one of the text messages, Nhodza accused his brother of having a goblin, which was bringing untold suffering to the whole family and said the issue was well known by relatives and friends. He also accused him of being a fake pastor before ordering him to return the goblin he purportedly obtained from South Africa.

Criminal insult is an offence in Zimbabwe and recent convictions under the law include a teenager who was caned for posting a picture of a woman up on facebook and claiming that she “looked like a prostitute”.

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