Skeptic News: Man claims to film Bigfoot stealing apples

From: MSN NZ

A US man claims to have filmed a sasquatch that snuck into his backyard to raid his apple trees.

But like most “Bigfoot” footage the image is blurry and certainly not conclusive proof the animal exists.

Frank Siecienski said he set up a motion-activated camera to film his yard in Vermont two years ago after noticing something was ravaging his orchard.

“I pointed it out to my wife and she says ‘Oh god, the deer must have been hungry’ and I said ‘No, a deer couldn’t have eaten that many apples in one night,” Mr Siecienski, who describes himself as a sasquatch researcher, told WCAX-TV.

Footage from the motion triggered camera, which aired on The Discovery Channel’s show Finding Bigfoot on November 19, shows a coyote sniffing among fallen apples.

Moments later the camera captures a large mottled grey and white animal that fills half of the screen.

Mr Siecienski said researchers told him the clip showed a female sasquatch with young underneath it.

“They’re very mysterious animals and they’re a night creature and they are very intelligent – I just hope he comes back,” he told local TV news station Fox 44.

But the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife said it is more likely that the video shows an owl than a sasquatch.

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