Skeptic News: A dose of your dogs medicine?

From: Telegraph

A vet convinced a distraught dog owner to take part in a bizarre ritual she claimed would save her pet Jack Russell’s life, a hearing was told.

Marie-Louise Schlemm made the woman drink medicine prescribed for the animal, known as Ratzy, and performed ‘chakra’ on her without her permission, it was said.
Schlemm then got her to chant ‘I am not Ratzy’ in a procedure she insisted would cure her and her pet, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons heard.
The vet told her the rituals would provide a miracle cure and have the 16-year-old mutt running around as it if were a puppy.

Giving evidence to a misconduct hearing via videolink, the woman, known only as Ms B, said Schlemm had insisted Ratzy was not dying despite the animal refusing food and being unable to stand.

She told the panel: ‘Ms Schlemm assured me there was no reason for Ratzy or myself to be ill anymore. She always told me that Ratzy was not dying.

Schlemm performed the procedure during an unannounced visit to her home and also bombarded her with phone calls and text messages about ‘spiritual healing’, it is alleged.

The dog sadly died and the Vet faces charges of misconduct and the threat of being kicked out of her profession. All thanks to the UK’s strict laws on the treatment of animals that seemingly we care more about than humans when it comes to ineffective alternative medicine.


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