Skeptic News: Was Hurricane Sandy an inside job?

From: Voice of Russia

Hurricane Sandy was said to be one of the worst hurricanes to hit the US in over a century. The wild weather lashed through many regions, wreaking havoc on thousands. And yet, some theorists believe that this was no coincidence. Was Hurricane Sandy pumped up on steroids of its own genre? Did the government really control the weather to make it worse or is this just one of Mother Nature’s special gifts? Experts Scott Stevens, Dr. Nick Begich, and Rosalind Peterson give their two cents on what’s really happening up in the sky.

“Weather modification, here in the US goes back, at least as far back as the Vietnam War. At that time it was primarily cloud seeding,” said Dr. Nick Begich, who co-authored Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, to the Voice of Russia. Cloud seeding is quite simple and happens by dropping chemicals on the tops of clouds in order to induce rain or even snow. Massive amounts of rain could be the finished product, or just the opposite can be done with weather control. Another technique used is when planes disburse chemicals at different altitudes making special formations in the sky as they spray. These chemicals can adversely react with the atmosphere and thus alter our weather patterns on a large scale.

However the why behind weather modification can be seen as a shallow but lucrative business. “Those in the know about these programs can bet on the results and make millions betting in the stock market worldwide. And foreign countries for a wide variety of reasons: ski resorts enhance their snowpack to make money, control of water supplies, initiate drought in some regions while enhancing water supplies in another region and the synergistic and cumulative effects can be enormous and unknown in some areas. This list is a long one,” said Rosalind Peterson of the Agricultural Defense Coalition.

Governments aren’t the only ones able to control the weather. Private companies, such as Weather Modification Incorporated are in the business of Mother Nature. They offer their clients, rain, fog, hail, snow, and an array of other services which support the alteration of weather. In Arizona, 110 dollars is all it takes to obtain a license to control the weather. These establishments offer such services because they know it can be used for good. When farmers need rain, or if a city is bound to get hit by a controversial storm, it can be such a relief to have tools of this kind on hand.

“I believe the intentions of those who are doing it are immoral and if we had in this world an honorable leadership, where there’s integrity, then I could trust them with these technologies. But right now, they have demonstrated that they can’t be trusted,” stated Scott Stevens of, to the Voice of Russia.

The idea that Governments have the ability to control the weather is one of the more outlandish ones we have ever come across here at the 21st Floor. It is a patently ridiculous idea and one wonders if people believe this then why we don’t see patterns of terrible weather in states that would vote against the government? Why don’t we see bigger crop yields in swing states with the government taking credit?

But it seems some people are willing to believe almost anything.

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One Response to Skeptic News: Was Hurricane Sandy an inside job?

  1. You don’t understand. If Obama was able to forge his own birth certificate while still at tiny baby, surely he could have managed to engineer a hurricane when he needed it as an adult.

    Actually, it is difficult for any of us here in the UK to understand the toxic lunacy of far right American politics.

    Cloud seeding has been around for a long time, but isn’t much used because it isn’t much use. It can only make the difference in the narrow band where the air is supersaturated but the water is not yet condensing out.

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