Skeptic News: Sex Cult Murder

From: Fox

The husband of a former Arlington woman murdered in a Kansas City sex cult is now an additional suspect.

Bethany Deaton’s death last month was originally thought to be a suicide, but 23-year-old Micah Moore’s confession changed that. Moore told police a harrowing tale of drug use, bizarre sexual assaults involving a cult and murder. But court affidavits also accuse her husband, Tyler Deaton, of ordering the hit.

According to the documents, Moore said he drugged the 27-year-old and suffocated her with a plastic bag. Then he planted a fake suicide note and left her in a minivan parked near a Kansas City, Mo. area lake. He said he killed her because he and several other men had been sexually assaulting her in the group home they shared and they were afraid she’d tell her therapist.

Moore claimed Tyler Deaton asked him to do it. According to affidavits, “[Tyler] knew Micah had it in him to do it” and he told Deaton “he killed Bethany after it was done.” Other men living at the home told police “Tyler Deaton was viewed as a spiritual leader” of an offshoot group of the International House of Prayer, or IHOP, that had control over the members of the household.

According to records, the men at the home said Deaton told them the sexual activity was part of a religious experience and that several of them engaged in sex with him.

The International House of Prayer (also known by its acronym IHOP or by IHOP–KC) is an evangelical charismatic Christian missions organization based in Kansas City and Grandview, Missouri that focuses on prayer, worship, and evangelism. Tyler Deaton, had been studying with IHOPU to become an international missionary.   Tyler Deaton is alleged to have recruited people to IHOP in Georgetown, Texas, and encouraged several members to move to Kansas City to enroll in IHOPU.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has criticized IHOP–KC because of the extent to which their teachings emphasize Jesus making war on his enemies at His Second Coming.

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