Skeptic News: Errol Denton affair continues

The Errol Denton, Live blood analysis, affair continues.

Dentons original petition which ridiculously “demands justice” against two skeptic bloggers was taken down after multiple complaints to the petition site highlighted it was libellous and in effect cyber bullying. Denton has responded by making the ridiculous claims that follow:

Yet when they are labelled RACISTS and a Petition is signed by a mere 60 people with a 7000 database eager to follow they scream ‘unfair” This is the classic self victimisation of any tyrant or RACIST bully like Adolph Hitler denying FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Denton fails to realise that his unsubstantiated and repeated accusations are libellous and as an attempt to silence his legitimate critics are bound to fail. The Skeptical Letter writer takes apart Errols claims of racism in this blog here an extract is given below:

Totting up these figures reveals that, of 107 identifiable individuals who are criticised on Jones’ blog, 83% are white, 12% are of unknown race, 3% are black and 2% are Asian. (The list includes every named person I could track down, but omits several companies whose owners can’t easily be found.)

The common factor for all those blogged about on Josephine Jones blog and referred to Trading Standards and the ASA is not race – it’s their devotion to the dishonest and misleading advertising of complementary and alternative therapies. To claim race as the substantive motive for these complaints can therefore be viewed either as delusion or clumsy and offensive attempt to deflect legitimate criticism by hoping baseless allegations of racism will chill critics into silence.

The truth of the matter is that Errol Denton is not a trained medical professional. Errol Denton sells quack diagnostic methods and has been found guilty of misleading and dishonest advertising (which he refuses to change) and that Errol Denton has revealed his true colours by attempting to silence critics by accusing them of racism with no evidence.

Errol states on his blog the following:

The Fifty-Thousand dollar question is: Why do these two RACISTS not like what is being said about them?  If it is not true as they claim then all they have to do is ignore.  Sticks and stones may break ones bones but names can never harm.  Unless it is true of course!

While Errol can take advantage of the fact that the two bloggers have not decided to take legal action against him for his libellous comments he can be assured that the 21st Floor is more than willing to do so should he repeat similar lies about us.

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3 Responses to Skeptic News: Errol Denton affair continues

  1. Didymus says:

    Keep up the good work. You and the bloggers who make concerted efforts to expose these charlatans should be congratulated and supported by everyone concerned about the provision of effective and ethical health choices.

    The service being offered by such individuals is a cynical business model, trading primarily on the worried well,exploiting the medical ignorance of the majority of the population and peddling expensive pills and lotions to treat made up ailments.Excepting its use by trained professionals working within the accepted medical disciplines like haematology, oncology, immunology etc, Live Blood Analysis as represented by this person is quackery, pure and simple.

    We all should have concerns over these people who set themselves up as healthcare professionals, almost all of whom betray an utter lack of medical or scientific knowledge of their own. They baffle with bullshit, waving worthless diplomas and titles around to impress the credulous.

    And when challenged, when their livelihood and business model is threatened, they resort to the crudest of defences – In this mans case to label all critics racist in an attempt to deflect attention away from the naked greed, poor service and made up medicine they are attempting to offer.

    I suppose it might be the Trading Standards Authority, but it staggers me that, in this day and age, we appear to have no body or regulatory authority that can force these quacks out of business, on penalty of imprisonment or swingeing fines.

  2. al capone junior says:

    @Didymus: We have the same problems in the US. The quacks occasionally get sanctioned, but generally they keep getting away with selling fake remedies or tests (i.e. live blood “analysis”) for fake illnesses. Their goal as always is to sell expensive (but worthless) remedies, pills, supplements and tests to the uneducated worried well. I applaud 21st floor, Josephine Jones, Guy Chapman, the Quackometer, and the dozens of others who consistently and eloquently take on these quacks, sometimes even taking considerable personal abuse in the process.

    Cheers to the 21st floor!


  3. Didymus says:

    Hi Al,

    Interesting to hear that the problems of enforcement and loopholes in the regulations appear to be just as widespread in the US as over here.

    Like you, I would applaud the efforts of bloggers like 21st floor, Josephine Jones, Sceptical Letter Writer and all the others who do a great job highlighting these charlatans.

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