Skeptic News: UFO sighting in Pitlochry (UPDATE)

From: The Scotsman

A UFO investigation is underway today after a chef filmed an oval-shaped object hovering over a Scots wood.

Adrian Musat, 40, of Pitlochry, Perthshire, was stunned when he saw the spooky white light floating over Clunie Wood.

He grabbed his video camera and recorded the mysterious light, before sending the tape off to supernatural investigators, the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA).

The father-of-one, who lives with his wife Nicolete and two-year-old son Alex, said: “I have never seen anything like it.

“I watch out the window every day and we have a beautiful view, but I have never seen such a strange thing. It didn’t make any noise.”

Adrian first saw the unexplained sight from his home at 7.30am on the morning of Bonfire Night before it reappeared 10 hours later.

He said the flashing UFO, which was flying above the woodland near Loch Fiskally, was about five metres wide and its colours were constantly changing.

As one commenter has already suggested perhaps the infamous Chinese lanterns are to blame…

Though Matt Lyons, of BUFORA, said they have launched an investigation into Adrian’s footage and will be speaking to Adrian in the near future to gather a wider understanding of the incident.

UPDATE: The Forestry commission was able to confirm that the light Adrian say was, in fact, a cabin-mounted spotlight on a harvester working in the area.

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