Skeptic News: Charles on Alt. Med.

From: Guardian

Clarence House has updated the Prince of Wales’s website with FAQs about his views on architecture, boiled eggs and alternative medicine.

On the subject of alternative medicine Clarence House states:

Does The Prince advocate untested and dangerous alternative medical therapies?

Not at all. The Prince is a keen advocate of integrated healthcare. This means taking a wider, preventative approach to healthcare by addressing the underlying social, lifestyle and environmental causes of disease. In this system patients, protected by a sound regulatory environment and the support of the National Health Service, have access not just to conventional medical treatment an proven complementary care and therapy.

Charles has deviously faced criticism for launching his own brand of homeopathy and questioning enlightenment values:

”I do not think that they do but if you challenge people who hold the Enlightenment as the ultimate answer to everything you really upset them.”

The Prince also proclaimed that he battled hard on issues despite facing ”unbelievable abuse”.

Companies endorsed by the Prince of Wales have been found to offer homeopathic vaccination. A misguided and potentially dangerous practice. He has also been accused of lobbying ministers in support of homeopathy.

Charles has also been criticised for selling his own quackery.

So while Charles FAQ may say one thing we can perhaps see his actions say something rather different. The Prince may believe he is doing nothing wrong but by lobbying ministers in favour of non-evidence based medicine he is, in our opinion, doing his subjects a great misdeed in encouraging their taxes be spent on nonsense.

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One Response to Skeptic News: Charles on Alt. Med.

  1. “proven complementary care and therapy”; does such a thing exist? I thought the reason something is labelled “complementary” is that it hasn’t been proven.

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