Skeptic News: Pastor rapes "possessed" girl

From: Times of Swaiziland

A pastor is alleged to have raped and dumped a demon possessed 13-year-old girl in a rented flat at Mangwaneni, in Manzini.

The girl, who hails from Mlumati in South Africa is said to have been brought by her mother to the church based in one of the locations in Manzini to be prayed for when the pastor allegedly took advantage of her.

A source said the mother was informed by the church elders that exorcising the demons would take some days, which meant she had to leave the girl there. “The church had a rented flat at Mangwaneni which they then used to accommodate the girl. However, one of the pastors of the church, while pretending to be praying for the girl allegedly had sex with her for four consecutive days.”

“On the fourth day, the girl complained to neighbours and they took her to hospital.”

Head of the community police at KaKhoza, Philip Sithole said Fakudze reported the matter to them forinvestigation, but they had not done anything by yesterday as he said they were waiting for the police to finalise their own investigations. “It is easy for us to find the pastor, but the police are still busy with the case,” he said. However, Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent Wendy Hleta said she had checked with the relevant police stations and found that no such case was being investigated.

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