Skeptic News: VCAT without power to stop quack doctor practising


A Deregistered dentist who promised an elderly man he could cure his terminal cancer with ozone therapy and vitamins has been slammed for “misleading, deceptive and unconscionable” treatment in a first-of-its-kind tribunal finding.

Noel Rodney Campbell has been found by VCAT to have breached fair trading laws after passing himself off as a professor and medical doctor to treat 70-year-old Anthony Every-Miller last March.

The patient’s widow, Kristen Every-Miller, has successfully recouped almost $10,000 from both the company Operation Hope and Mr Campbell in a first for his aggrieved patients at VCAT.

And yet there are no powers to stop Campbell from continuing practising, warned Victoria’s Health Services Commissioner Beth Wilson.

VCAT member and deputy president Ian Lulham relied on an investigation by Ms Wilson that found the Glenroy Hope Clinic offered unproved treatments.

Mr Every-Miller received a number of treatments the former dentist claimed would cure his cancer including a useless $100 pubic hair test and ozone gas delivered into his rectum and through earphones. His widow believes the Ozone treatment may have hastened his death and Victoria’s Health Services Commissioner Beth Wilson has called for “negative licensing” laws in Victoria so “practitioners” could be banned if found guilty of misleading and deceptive conduct.

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One Response to Skeptic News: VCAT without power to stop quack doctor practising

  1. Ron Lewis says:

    Sounds just like our own Reginald Gill.

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