Skeptic News: Quack deflects criticism as racism

20121110-011033.jpgErrol Denton is a quack who offers the discredited live blood analysis technique. Many skeptics have criticised Errol regarding his numerous claims of it’s benefits and effectiveness and he has responded by branding them racists.

Blogger Josephine Jones lists the numerous ways Errol breaches UK law regarding advertising standards and the cancer act. On her blog  Jones details the numerous complaints made against Errol Denton regarding misleading or inaccurate advertising:

In total, there are four ASA rulings against Errol’s advertising and his company, Fitalifestyle, appears on the ASA list of non-compliant online advertisers.

Jones also highlights a number of occassions where Errol has also breached the UK cancer act. Other skeptics have also criticised Errols methods with reference to science and evidence. Errol has responded to these skeptical bloggers by criticising him for  misleading and inaccurate advertising  by accusing them of racism. He describes his critics thusly:

The Sociopath RACIST blogger has the same mindset as the murderers of Stephen Lawrence. When named and shamed as murderers by the Daily Mail and challenged to sue if the allegation was false they naturally refused.

In a prior post, writing in the third person, he likens skeptics to members of the KKK and accuses them of being racist thugs. Much like Dentons outlandish claims for the benefits of live blood analysis, a discredited and unscientific practice, his cries of racism lack credibility or evidence.

In short they appear to be the desperate ravings of someone who has been caught out by science. As is often typical of quacks Errol, in an attempt to defend his “livelihood”  makes no attempt to engage with the criticisms and instead seeks to paint his critics in as poor a light as possible. Errol has seemingly yet to learn that a series of ill thought out baseless ad hominen attacks is no substitute for evidence and reason.

Anyone who has read any of the blogs criticising Errol will be able to see they are motivated by his business conning people not race.

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