Skeptic News: Rapist healer tries to bribe mother

20121108-001604.jpgFrom: The Sowetan

A traditional healer accused of raping 16-year-old twins has allegedly offered the girls’ mother R250,000 to silence her.

According to the mother of the twins, the traditional healer, who is in his 40s, allegedly raped one girl on August 11, the day before their 16th birthday, and the other later in August and on September 28.

The mother said when she confronted the man he denied having raped the girls, but admitted that he had sex with them.

“He told me that he actually wants to marry one of my twins,” she said.

The mother opened two cases of rape on October 9 with the North West police.

The distraught mother also went to the state’s social workers and doctors to examine her children.

The mother of four said that when the traditional healer heard that she had laid charges of rape against him, he allegedly visited her to “explain why he slept with the girls”. He offered to marry one of the girls and then attempted to bribe the mother to keep quiet.

North West police spokesman Captain Sam Tselanyane confirmed that two cases against the traditional healer were opened. However he has yet to be arrested.

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