Skeptic News: Healer swindles sick woman

20121107-004204.jpgFrom: The Sowetan

A woman’s desperation to be healed has turned into a financial nightmare after she was swindled out of more than R1-million.

Iris Morris, 49, of Cotswold, Port Elizabeth, is in a critical condition in the Livingstone Hospital high care unit following a serious accident while travelling to Durban last Friday.

Before the accident, Morris spoke of how she had lost nearly R1.2-million after she turned to what she calls a “spiritual healer” for help in a desperate bid to end an illness she had suffered from for years.

Morris said she continued to visit the spiritual healer whenever her illness resurfaced but started to become suspicious when the healer’s brother, Ayo, became involved in their consultations.

She said the healers told her to sell her house to be treated and to avoid passing her illness to her son.

Fearing that her son would also suffer, Morris said she had “no choice” but to do what they said.

The two told Morris they needed all her “sweat money” – things she had worked to buy including her house and car – to heal her completely. She had to wash her sweat off the money.

The healers placed the money in a safe and spit on it free times. When she returned home she discovered she had fallen victim to a common con.

The money had been replaced with worthless strips of brown paper.

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