Skeptic News: Fake records at the Burzynski clinic?

A YouTube video has been posted that accuses Buryznski of convincing one his patients to refuse chemotherapy, stem cell therapy in favour of Antineoplasteon therapy and a purported 80% success rates without side effects. It also alleges the clinic has produced false records claiming a patient had brain cancer when they did not.

The patients family believed that they were going to the only doctor in America who believed they had a cure for cancer and received donations from their local community to attend the Burzynski clinic. The community now believes that the patients family are scammers and the clinic has seemingly abandoned them. Refusing to get back to them regarding promises of treatment. A delay which has reportedly resulted in them delaying much need chemotherapy in favour of ANP treatment.

The clinic alledgedly produced a report, seen by two members of the patients family, from their laboratory that claimed the patient had shown a reduction in brain cancer when the patient never had brain cancer and had never had an MRI scan. Quoting from the video:

“The lesions in the patients brain had shrunk. A report with my fathers full name on it Did you know something we didn’t? Because my dad has never had brain cancer, he has never had an MRI”

The patient has delayed treatment based upon the promise and false hope of Burzynskis ANP treatment and as a result their cancer has gotten worse.

The video also asks Burzynski if he has forgotten about people in favour of dollar signs.

Know we don’t know the full story behind the video whether a fake medical record existed or not. Or indeed whether there was simply a mix-up with patient records. It will be interesting to see if/how the clinic responds to these allegations. We would hope any serious and truthful allegations of wrongdoing are reported to the Texas Medical board.

We report this here mainly as a record of the date the allegations were made and to make it known they exist. We cannot comment on the veracity or not of the claims.

We will report any further developments regarding this.

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  1. Christy (YouTube) says:

    This was my video!!! I did not give any of you permission to twist my story or use my family’s pain as an update for your hate group. This is my question that this Doctor answered and had a very reasonable explanation for my question. Skeptics? Why don’t you say the truth; you feed off of other’s pain. I am glad my father’s story has brought enjoyment to your readers. Dr. Burzynski is a doctor who actually can help people when they are told to go home and die. At least there is one doctor who will try to help the people who are given up on. Shame on you. I could say more but you ask to keep your personal response clean and there is nothing clean I can continue to say about how low you sunk here!!!

    Christy (YouTube)
    Follow my new youtube video!

  2. Christy (YouTube) says:

    I really would love to know if that is all your followers or you yourself do? You prey on the suffering and the people who actually use youtube and social networks for good. I am looking for someone who can help my father. For your information, not that you would bother contacting the source or show your picture, Dr. Burzynski could have taken my families money, treated my dad, and been the monster you all make him out to be. Instead he did the right thing, the honorable thing, the honest thing. We were told to go home and take the standard treatment and if that doesn’t work he will do everything and anything that the LAW will allow him to do to save my father. If you given up on by every doctor and sent home to die, at least this doctor will TRY to help you!!! No he cannot save everyone. Some cancers are hard to kill. He never tells anyone he can and will cure them. But this doctor has helped many people. Unfortunately he was not able to help my dad and the worst thing WAS HE WAS HONEST!! Yeah totally worth making an article over. How about doing something next time, like oh, look into a story before you make up what ever kind of story you pathetically call this one!!! I am sure you will erase my comments because heaven forbid the actual poster finds out you used me to try and hurt this man. No I will not turn doctor Burzynski into the Texas Medical Board, as a matter of fact, I will go to court if I am asked to; that is to DEFEND Dr. Burzynski and make sure people like you don’t take the hope and the only chance some of dying family have when other doctors give up on them. I am so offended by this article and your lack of respect, decency, or common sense I am just going to hope you remove this article. I hope people like you can sleep at night knowing that you may someday be the reason that people like my dad will die. There is one man in the country willing to risk it all to just save these people like my dad and he deserves a damn medal for what he does. He does not need anyone like you misrepresenting him or his work. I am mad you used my video to make a pathetic attepmt at slamming this doctor. I don’t have to hide my face or make up false names to comment several times under this video either. So sleep well, that is if you have a heart!!!

    Christy From YouTube!

  3. Dominick says:

    Christy – sadly this is what they do all day. They intentionally twist the truth, and outright lie about Burzynski and his patients.

    Thank you for standing up for yourself.

    You wouldn’t believe the sinister evil they inflicted on a recent patient who died, named Rachael Mackey.

    Rachael was on ANP therapy for only one week, after having a deadly brain tumor for 2 years. It takes 6 weeks to even hit the proper dose of ANP – but as soon as she died, as many people with brain cancer for more than a year do—they went nuts and slandered Burzynski Rachael’s family, you name it.

    These people truly love to see people suffer and die. Watch out for “Robert Blaskiewicz” he is one of the most vicious and inconsiderate of them all. They do not care about your suffering or anyone’s suffering – they only intend on inflicting pain onto others. They will lie, cheat and steal, while accusing Dr B of doing the same.

    I am so sorry they did this to you. But do not expect any “logic” or “reason” from these people. And most definitely do not expect any compassion. They will continue to take advantage of you and lie about you.

    Here is the link that these very same people posted about poor Rachael—who didn’t stand a chance after only being on ANP for one week:

  4. Rebecca Fold says:

    Yes, I agree with Dominick… on top of that, this blog, “the 21st Floor” has been blocked by some internet providers due to “hate and discrimination”. They constantly write fake propaganda about many subjects, but especially Burzynski.

    It makes you wonder who is paying them to do this, as there is no logic or reason behind what they are doing, the only thing that makes sense is a profit motive being behind it.

    Orac or Gorski, who works with them, is on the payroll of the National Cancer Institute, American Society for Clinical Oncologists, the Breast Cancer Foundation, and more. it is a sad fact that he is paid to write fake propaganda on Burzynski. It is no different than what the tobacco companies did trying to hide their data, the death of the electric car, and climate change (Sandy?). This is what they do. They know how powerful the web is for this type of propaganda. His blogs are also syndicated everywhere.

    I am so sorry they have also inflicted such hateful pain on you as well.

  5. Rebecca Fold says:

    I forgot to send you the link to an article they wrote “confused” by being blocked for “hate and discrimination”.


  6. flip says:

    I’m one of the people that commented on Respectful Insolence, linked above.

    I not only stated that my condolences went out to the family and friends of Rachel, but also stated that I was disgusted that a patient had died under false hope. As usual people confuse anger at the doctors involved with anger at the family. No one is angry at the families or friends, just the doctors who should know better.

    The people angry at skeptics have every right to be (up to a point), it’s a touchy subject; but we’re angry too to see people dying when they and their families are being asked to pay for participation in a trial. I’ve participated in a study before and was never asked for money – that’s the ethical way to do it and what most people are annoyed with. That and the fact that he’s been doing the same study for 30 years and hasn’t published a single thing. (One wonders how you’d react if paracetamol was handed to people but nobody knew anything about dosages, side effects, contraindications, etc)

    The rest of your comments are nothing but conspiracy theories laden with accusations and no proof. The pharma shill gambit is done to death. You accuse other people of being shills, of hiding the data, of not wanting to admit the truth, but never ever post any documentation proving these assertions. And you wonder why we get annoyed when Brave Maverick Doctors (TM) do the same things?

    All anybody asks for is the Burzyinski publishes his data so people can review it. When he doesn’t, we think he’s taking advantage of well-meaning and desperate people. But apparently we should just keep our mouths shut?

    PS. Where can you get this mysterious firewall that blocks sites for being hateful and discriminating? I’ve just read way too many weird Twitter posts about the US election and apparently my firewall doesn’t block this stuff.

  7. Christy (You Tube) says:

    To the last person who commented. My anger at seeing my words used as evidence or further hurt to this doctor made me feel bad. I can’t vouch for every patient he has ever treated, what they were told, or what the outcome of their story is. I wrote my comments last night when I discovered my very real question and email that I wrote to this great man was used to discredit him. This Dr. who everyone likes to spit on is a grown man, a Senior Citizen, regardless of what anyone says, he is a person who is able to defend himself. My father has Cancer. I live in a world where people justify everything they do because they want answers, documents, proof of things. I do not know why some people find their mission in trying to make someone look bad or feel bad. I don’t have access to every patient he has seen or why or what their story is. I am going to say as little as possible so my words do not further hurt a man who was not responsible for miscommunication.

    The doctor personally called my family after my video was made and he spoke with my family and most important my dad for as long as we needed. Dr. Burzynski and his clinic seen my dad and sent him home based on tests that most doctors won’t or refuse to run. They really honestly feel for his cancer, for our situation to utilize a stem cell transplant that has better odds than his own treatment. They told my dad the truth and even though I have heard he is a quack and money sucker by numerous people who have not been a patient or heard him speak to you about your family member; I am going to share with you what he said. I love my dad more than most people love their dads. I want to save my dad from a disease who kills people and I want my dad to grow old, healthy, and watch my two children grow up.

    My family did everything right. We did chemo, months of it. It didn’t kill my dad’s cancer. My dad was hospitalized and we almost lost him three times. The doctors then turned to radiation and my dad had thirty some treatments. The cancer would not die. All the while this treatment made my dad bedridden, so weak he couldn’t raise his arms up or down, he couldn’t eat, his mouth was full of big soars. He was on steroids that made his emotions peek and he had no hope. He woke up every day surprised he was still here for another day. When he got better, the cancer again hit us hard. We didn’t want to take the chemo again. We researched and if you go to a bookstore there are books all about eating the right fruits, taking the right supplements, new research being done. We seen Dr. Burzynski and he did not take our money, he never told my dad to even take the treatment he offered, and told us he will agree to help my dad if the transplant doesn’t work.

    So, some of his patients unfortunately die, yes we all know this. When your cancer doctor looks you in the face and says I am sorry we have done all we can do, go home. Be with your family and enjoy the time you have left; they have no medical hope you can or will EVER live. What I am saying is this man told my dad if this happens to my dad that he will try to help us. Yes it may cost money, but I will go on any television show in America, I will let someone shave my head bald, I work for donations, if you do not believe this doctor can help my dad. I will take down your name and address and give you my word that someday I will pay you back if you can help send my dad there for treatment. I will do anything legal and moral for people to help me raise money to pay to have my dad’s treatment. This Dr. will try, when all hope is gone, to save my dad. He tells people this may not work, it doesn’t work for everyone. I do think there is a chance this may work for you but if it doesn’t then we all know what will happen.
    He offers us a ray of hope; a chance to live. Guess what, some will die and go to Heaven. Some people do live!! Yes some people, who were sent home to die, go there and end up walking out alive. He never promised my family a miracle but he honestly said he would try to make that miracle come true if we choose to believe in him. So please stop making this last chance for my dad not possible. If you put this man in jail or succeed in taking away his license he is the last HOPE some of us have. What a wonderful thing the word HOPE can be. Hope; to someone who was sent home to die and given up on is cherished by people like my family.

    So you can call me dumb, ignorant, and everything people will call me because you don’t like this doctor or you need more proof. I need Hope and so does a lot of other people. We need to believe in Hope. If there is a chance that God will do miracle through this man than this is a chance some of us have to take. We walk into that clinic knowing already that some will not go back home. But we also know even if one person has ever walked back out alive, than we need to try and we owe it to our families to do what we think is best and what our family member in the end decides what they will or won’t do.

    God Bless you all, and may the cure for cancer be found and may the suffering end!! I don’t believe a lot of scientific proof driven people believe in God either, but I do. My ultimate belief is God will judge this doctor and if he is corrupt God will punish; but if he is just trying to help and does sometimes provide a miracle than God will also reward. I know when I have said enough and I also know there are people who are going to be mad about what I said, try to justify their viewpoint, use my words against me, and try to make me look or feel bad. I said what I needed to say and I am not going to check back on this article or say anymore about anything again. I will not argue or keep fueling a fire. The only reason I commented at all is because my video was used to hurt someone and I don’t want to hurt anyone. I want to keep believing in my heart there is hope and if you feel ripping me or my family’s lives open is going to make you feel better or if getting the last word is what you need to do then you will do what you want. Please do not ask me any questions on this page or believe I will come back to this page or follow this story. I have to go back to my reality of the cruel world that I struggle in every day just to make it in now.
    God Bless, Christy (You Tube)

  8. We are happy to post a clarification or retraction with the same prominence as the original article if that is what is desired.

    Though we will need the details of said clarification to do so.

  9. Regarding the blocking for “hate and discrimination” that was done to a Universities automated web filter that mistakenly highlighted an article.

    The 21st floor is free of anything that qualifies as hate of discrimination.

  10. missnisskat says:

    Just to add to Dr. Burzynski’s honesty, he assessed my mom’s case twice a few weeks before she passed. He was HONEST and told us he couldn’t treat her at her stage. He never even charged us a fee for assessing her and was very compassionate. He knew we were willing to pay whatever the cost. But he didn’t take our money and didn’t deliver any false hopes.

    Whereas 2 oncologists were playing a tug of war while she was dying. One was pushing her to do radiation and the other was pushing for more chemo. Eventually through all the confusion and desperation, we went with the chemo option – which already failed her twice and already left her with debilitating side effects. She had an ommaya reservoir surgically implanted in her skull to deliver the chemotherapy. She died 3 days after the surgery – in agony and NO ONE was held responsible for her death. This was not considered malpractice, even though she died in their care and as a result of their “care”. Had we contacted Dr. Burzynski sooner, her outcome may have been very different. Instead she is just another statistic of a failed, money driven industry that feeds off the sick, dying and desperate.

    Just so people are familiar with the “type” of people who would write such misleading, inaccurate and defamatory articles about Dr. Burzynski, they’re these guys here who have ‘Apprehended Violence Orders’ (AVO) lodged against them

  11. Christy (You Tube) says:

    A very heartfelt person asked me to address the question asked about issuing a retraction and I will tell you what I also told this person. I swear to God this is the last time I am checking on this website and this is just for this special person who know who he or she is I because I thought I made myself very clear that I don’t want to be involved in this article or have my personal heartache and tragedy exploited for your fans and your readers! Only for this person will I say with my last parting; I believe in my heart 100% that no matter what “details” you are given, or what “explanation” you seek; that honestly will be anything you want to hear or that you would believe. One girl’s word and explanation will make you retract your article? Yeah, don’t think so… So again you used my video without ever contacting me in the first place asking permission or even writing to me to care enough THEN to hear “my family’s story” in the first place, correct?

    You used my heart-wrenching attempt at reaching out in desperation for an answer, a doctor, anything or anyone to try and save my dad’s life and you are so desperate to dig up anything on this doctor, that you have offered to happily retract this article; (let me see if I have this right now) if I give you details or provide you with more information. You are the ones who call yourselves the skeptic’s right?

    So, I guess I should just trust that you will use my honest opinion that is or should be no surprise, this doctor; Dr. Burzynski in my personal opinion, is my hero. Again he never did anything wrong. He did an honest remarkable thing that an honest remarkable person would do; not take my families money and telling us his personal very best medical opinion for my dad’s care. I am sure when I provide you with details you will be satisfied and change your whole stance on Dr. B and what HE CAN do furthermore I bet you will stop this witch hunt?
    I heard and was sent articles by many people where you have ripped apart deceased patient’s private medical details and stories of their grieving families to further satisfy your reader’s and your own personal interests.

    One question I can’t help but ask is: Do you have a soul? What part of tears, pain, and heartache that is so unimaginable to people like you, that you can’t you comprehend? I think for the sake of decency and respect you would keep your vial thoughts and personal vendetta’s for whatever reasons you may have to yourselves when people are grieving and going through the worst imaginable pain of their whole lives. But apparently you are so eager to find reasons to make this doctor feel bad that you have sunk to the lowest imaginable place and misused any details you could get from that family and despite their cries of desperation to just let their loved ones memory rest in peace. You further make these families relish details and private matters that must feel like a living hell on Earth to some!!!!

    I will scour the ends of the Earth and back again and make every attempt that I personally can to save my father. Part of my journey doing this may eventually be through my hero, Dr. Burzynski of Houston Texas whom I am blessed by God to be able to say, I spoke with and he knows how my whole family feels about him and vice versa. This is the end to my participation in a group who seeks to ruin doctors, further spread hate, and exploit me or my dad, or anyone who has Cancer and feels the very real pain and desperation filled with tears and anger. Your group helps Cancer Patients by attempting to take away the only doctor, who usually won’t turn anyone away if they beg him, because he knows and we all know he is our last attempt at living and staying with our loved ones even if it’s only for a few more days. Days, moments, seconds, are precious when you have come to the end of your journey on Earth and should be spent filled with love, hope, and faith.

    Dr. Burzynski is willing to try, to attempt to give some of us a chance that no one in this country will do, give us the time and sometimes a miracle with a lot more precious moments like the ones I described. I will not turn my back on a doctor who didn’t treat us unfairly but treated us much nicer than some mainstream medical professionals we have met and for the final time I will not give you more fuel for your torches or more details for your pitchforks; or an opportunity to take away the only HOPE on Earth, by giving you anything that you will use to further make him into the monster YOU think he is. I will pray for all of you skeptics and even though you don’t deserve my time or my prayers; I will pray to God that you never ever have to stare down a death sentence given from a doctor because then you yourself would be then begging this man to give you more time or you would at least take comfort that when everyone else gives you no hope; there is one man in America who will at least attempt to do what you think he can’t do; that he can and does do every single precious moment he lives and practices medicine. If you truly want to do help cancer patients; leave us and him alone.

    God Bless, Christy (You Tube)

  12. Burzynski could end all this by publishing some reliable scientific results. His failure to do so properly for 35 years speaks volumes.

    There is no evidence ANP works. There is little to suggest Burzynski is in any way competent to offer what he claims is “gene targeted therapy”.

    In short the practices of doctor B. raise several severe concerns. That these have not been addressed by the relevant regulatory bodies is a massive medical scandal.

    A scandal that any competent or honest research would have avoided over thirty-five years ago by simply conducting some ethical conducted robust scientific research.

    Rather than bypassing this completely in favour of their own confidence and belief in the treatment until they were forced, by law, to trial their therapy.

    Doctor Burzynski is far from a hero. He is at best deluded and at worst a malficient quack.

  13. frozenwarning says:

    Right, so, time for a bit of a reality check. Christy, I am appalled that you are casting aspersions on people who genuinely felt sorry for you, as an apparent victim of Burzynski. Let’s get a few things straight.

    Firstly, you do not have the monopoly on pain and suffering. There must be barely a person on earth who hasn’t had their lives touched by cancer in one way or another. Personally I’ve lost many people close to me to cancer including my father and most recently, my brother. I know of at least one sceptic who has actually had cancer herself. So none of this “you don’t know what it’s like/how dare you speak to someone who is suffering from cancer” nonsense please, it’s old, it’s boring, and it’s not true.

    Secondly, you put the information in the public domain, which means the public has a right to reference it. If you don’t want that to happen, don’t use the internet, simple as that. Now you seem to be saying that what you put in the public domain wasn’t true (what about these mysterious scans?). I think that says a lot more about you than it does about sceptics.

    Thirdly, you and other victims of Burzynski are perfectly within your rights to spend your money on whatever scam you choose, however, if you spread misinformation while attempting to promote a scammer to others, you should expect to be challenged, because that is not acceptable. Everyone has a choice, but it must be accurately informed and Burzynski isn’t an informed choice. What no-one has the right to do is stop potential fundraisers, donors and patients from being given all the facts, not just the emotional stories. If after being given the facts, you choose to believe weedheads, airheads, bodybuilders and trolls like missnisskat up there who pretend to be researchers, rather than the millions of healthcare professionals who care for cancer patients every day, that’s your prerogative. The scum who denigrate those healthcare professionals though, are the lowest of the low in my opinion.

    Burzynski has been touting this twaddle for 35 years. Let’s for a moment assume he has a miracle cure for cancer (hint: there’s no such thing as a miracle, and let’s not forget he also peddles it as a cure for AIDS and a lot of other diseases, and as an anti ageing toothpaste FFS). If that were true, he has deliberately and coldheartedly kept it from millions of people for all those years by not publishing his results, to protect his rather large profits. The trolls will tell you that it’s because the nasty government want to steal his patents. That is utter fruit loopery nonsense. Again though, money his main motivating factor.

    The other, much more plausible explanation, though, is that he doesn’t have a cure for cancer and that’s why he refuses to publish his results or collaborate with other, real cancer researchers. Why would he, he’s making pots of money by bypassing science and using desperately ill people to sell his wares, along with the delusional anti medicine trolls on Twitter. He’s in clover. Some say, maybe he’s just deluded and really believes that he has something. I say that if he truly believed in it, he wouldn’t be hiding, he’d have spent those years desperately trying to persuade other people working on cancer research.

    I suggest that instead of posting bizarre YouTube videos and chasing false hope, you do as we did when my brother was dying, go spend the very precious time making memories and making his life as comfortable and as pain and stress free as possible. Be guided by genuine doctors, who are trained in cancer care, which Burzynski isn’t by the way. Don’t look for off the wall “alternative medicine”, because it isn’t medicine, it’s a rip off.

    I wish you and your father well, but stop with the totally unjustified smear campaign, you are being used.

  14. flip says:


    You are conflating criticism of a doctor with criticism of you or your father. Nobody is doing that.

    More importantly, you’re missing the very point of *why* studies are done in the first place. It’s because quite often vulnerable, sick people have confirmation bias. They want so very much to get better that they attribute everything and anything to their treatment and often may confuse signs of effectiveness with wishful thinking. This doesn’t mean anyone is lying, it just means that study is required to determine whether or not effectiveness is really due to the treatment and not due to something else.

    I’m not calling you dumb, just not aware of probability, statistics, and the need for actual results. We’d all jump for joy if Dr B actually had something. The problem is that nobody (except his patients it seems) can see for themselves whether he has a cure or not because he REFUSES to publish the results of his studies.

    He also charges people for something which worldwide is available FOR FREE – participation in trials is never, ever paid for by the patient.

    Your anecdotes are nice, but I can’t confirm it for myself (nor would you want me to: I don’t want your private medical records any more than you would want mine) and this is why we rely on ethical studies. You need more than one unconfirmed story to prove anything about the effectiveness or safety of a treatment.

    More than that, a nice bedside manner doesn’t replace reproducable study results. You are also conflating “he cares about us” with “it works”.

    As for atheism, that has nothing to do with science. You just used your computer to type something on the internet: clearly it works whether you’re religious or not.

    I sincerely hope that you and your family do better – I’ve watched family members go through cancer as well, I know how tough it is. I do understand that you don’t like your own video used – in which case you should have used the privacy settings available in the first place.

    Hope is a wonderful thing. But let’s not make it false hope. This is why we get angry: we don’t like to see you and your family get taken advantage of. I think we can both agree that false hope is a bad thing.

  15. flip says:


    The same thing applies to you as I said to Christy. Anecdotes are not data.

    The AVOs are quite clearly attempts to chill speech. Meryl Dorey is known for lying, harassing parents of dead children, and creating FUD. Her organisation has been sanctioned by Australian authorities – though she was able to (unfortunately) appeal her removal of charitable status. The other sanction, the one that still stands, was for offering medical advice when she’s not supposed to.

  16. flip says:

    I think for the sake of decency and respect you would keep your vial thoughts and personal vendetta’s for whatever reasons you may have to yourselves when people are grieving and going through the worst imaginable pain of their whole lives

    If you truly want to do help cancer patients; leave us and him alone.

    You really have missed the point haven’t you?

    If not when people are dying or about to die, then *when* can people talk about this subject? We’re talking about it specifically so people like you can have more information.

    Keeping one’s thoughts to one’s self only means more people will be left in the dark and will not have as much information as necessary to make an informed decision.

    I really don’t see what the big deal is about asking for a doctor to prove his treatments work. You would do the same with chemo wouldn’t you?

  17. Dominick says:

    @ Christy, wow, right wen you thought they’d realize (or at least pretend to realize) to not make themselves look like total inconsiderate, non-compassionate, cancer-patient harassers as they—they pull you back in.

    Christy, you have to be very careful with these people. Any hope of rational discourse is not in their ethics or morals.

    They will continue to do this to you, and everyone. Hey “Endless” why don’t YOU post a YouTube video of yourself talking? Make it about anything.

    And yes, MissNissKat, why would any of us be surprised that @RatBagsDotCom aka Peter Bowditch is being brought up on charges for leaving “a series of threatening and abusive messages”, only after Peter also continued to engage in “anonymous threats, and violent pornographic images”.

    This is what they do. And a medical doctor named Dr. Gorski aka Orac hails Peter as a “hero”.

    For those catching up a source re: Peter aka RatBags:

  18. frozenwarning says:

    As usual, rather than addressing the lack of evidence for Burzynski, his shills resort to ludicrous ad homs.

  19. flip says:


    Submitting an AVO is not evidence that harassment has taken place. Innocent until proven guilty.

    As for rational discourse: I’d be happy to have one. In fact, I believe I was having one, because I posted rebuttals to many of the comments. That’s what happens in a discussion. If you’d care to have a *more* rational discourse, you might want to start posting evidence, citations, or something other than logical fallacies and appeals to emotion.

  20. flip says:

    By the way, pointing to someone else and yelling “bad skeptic” is hardly evidence in favour of Burzyinski and his treatments. All it does is distract away from the fact that he’s provided no evidence of efficacy/safety and that you can’t provide it either.

  21. The irony of Dominicks response being that if you go to youtube and search I am actually on there.


  22. Dominick says:

    @ Endless:

    Please provide the link to your YouTube video, with you speaking, Thanks!

  23. Orac says:

    Orac or Gorski, who works with them, is on the payroll of the National Cancer Institute, American Society for Clinical Oncologists, the Breast Cancer Foundation, and more. it is a sad fact that he is paid to write fake propaganda on Burzynski.

    No, it is not a fact. It is a lie, one that Burzynski fans, minions, and shills frequently try to spread around.

    As for Burzynski, you might want to check out my description of why I think his science is so bad and he is so unethical:

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  25. obervationist says:

    Well, with Christy’s incoherent rant aside (and I mean respectfully, Christy, but geesh, calm down before posting, you come off as a raving lunatic).

    The other Burzynski minions, well, you ARE raving lunatics. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths you people go to avoid rationale, but stoop ever so low to be in a contest to prove which of you can tell the most lies, spew the most hateful vile out of your dirty mouths, and to yell “conspiracy!” at anything that escapes you concerning truth and facts. Someone has to stop Burzynski just so we can be rid of these hotheaded alternative-junk-med junkies!

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