Skeptic News: UFO watchers consider future after decline in sightings

From: Channel 4

Britain’s UFO watchers will debate the future of research into extra-terrestrial activity as alien sightings take a downward spiral.

The occurrence of “significant UFO events” has dropped notably over the past two decades, according to an organisation involved in UFO research.

The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (Assap) has said this trend has become so extreme that the UFO debate now focuses on only a handful of events, including claims that a flying saucer crashed at Roswell in New Mexico in the 1940s.

Assap has also noted a change in the nature of reported sightings.

“Even when reputed physical evidence surfaces it takes novel and extreme forms, including cattle mutilations, alien implants and alien autopsies,” promotional literature for the conference on Assap’s website said.

The statement added that over the past 30 years classical sightings have been largely displaced by claims of UFO abductions, often recovered via hypnosis.

As skeptics will be aware false memory syndrome is common when dealing with recovered memories. Though perhaps the proliferation and popularity of Chinese lanterns has meant many people who might have seen a UFO think they have actually seen a IFO?

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: UFO watchers consider future after decline in sightings

  1. Blue Mann says:

    This article is patently false! UFO sightings are NOT down, the exact opposite is true.
    It’s simply more lies from the powers-that-be, who continue their decades long campaign of disinformation and ridicule…’s about time that we stop the secrecy and take this important subject seriously.

  2. Gary says:

    Brits are more interested in their other UFO: Unidentified Feline Observations.

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