Skeptic News: Psychic scam

From: News Channel 5

Virginia Morris was at her lowest point in 2007 when she turned to a Gallatin psychic and lost $180,000 in a scam. Morris visited Evonna Pebble Williams for a simple psychic reading, but said it was the start of a relationship that lasted more than four years. “She wanted me to keep coming back because she felt she could help me,” Morris said. According to Morris, Williams told her she needed cash to do work at her church and that work would bring peace and happiness to Morris’ life. For several years Morris said she would travel to Gallatin and pray with Williams. Most times she would bring thousands of dollars in cash and credit card convenience checks. Morris was told that money was held at a local church as part of the work Williams was doing. No one in Morris’ life knew about her trips to the psychic.  I was sworn in secrecy. Just me, her and God,” she said. At one point, Morris told Williams she wanted to stop the visits but said the psychic refused. n 2011, Morris did not know what to do. Her savings was depleted and her credit cards were at their limit. At that point she said Williams started putting money back into her account. Morris got back $20,000 of the money she had given to the psychic.

After her husband learned what happened Morris went to Gallatin Police and detectives started an investigation into her allegations. Williams was arrested by Gallatin Police in 2009 and charged with scamming a different woman out of $45,000. She settled that case.

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