Skeptic News: Psychic Sally v Daily Mail libel trial set for 2013

From: Simon Singh

Back in January, Psychic Sally sued the Daily Mail for libel, after questions were raised about how she gives the impression of being a medium.

The case is still moving ahead, and we can look forward to a trial in 2013. In the meantime, I have collected some of the relevant legal documents from the High Court.

Here is the opening of Sally’s claim and the opening of the Daily Mail’s defence:

“The Claimant is a professional psychic. In addition to the public performance side of her work, for which she has become well known to the general public, she has also privately helped numerous people over the years with traumatic or other emotional situations.”

The documents go on to say that it is false to allege that Sally Morgan, as a professional psychic, has no psychic powers or ability and to suggest such a thing damages her reputation as a “professional psychic”. Interestingly the documents also acknowledge that Morgan has “no professional qualifications” as a psychic or medium and that she is not allowed to refer to herself as a psychic when performing as this is in breach of the consumer protection act.

So basically Sally Morgan appears to be suing the Daily Mail for suggesting she doesn’t have any psychic powers as this may affect her livelihood as a “professional psychic”. A livelihood where she is required by law to say that she doesn’t really have any psychic powers.

Should be an interesting case…

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