Skeptic News: Patients Struggle at Scientology Rehab Center

From: KLAS-TV Las Vegas

Former patients and employees are speaking out about a Nevada drug rehab center they describe as having mold and lice – and requires patients to try to move objects with their mind.

Narconon, an unlicensed rehabilitation center in Caliente, Nev., is connected to the Church of Scientology, but many parents sending their children there claim they were never told that.  The center is about 100 miles northeast of Las Vegas in Lincoln County. It’s rarely inspected and is isolated from the outside world.

Justin Vandergriend, an opiate addict, went into therapy, paid for by his parents for a sum of $35,000. He described the therapy he received as not conventional. “Talking to walls, sitting two inches from somebody in a chair, looking them eye to eye,” Vandergriend said, describing his therapy. “Almost as if you’re trying to steal their soul and if you were to move, flinch, act irritated whatsoever, they would throw you out and put you back in for a new two hours.” He also said he had 42 days of sauna detoxification treatments. “After 15,000 milligrams of niacin, it’s pretty much a hot burn that goes through your skin,” he said.

Narconon is not licensed as a drug rehab facility in the state of Nevada but is allowed to operate because of what some officials call a gaping loophole.

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  1. “A gaping loophole”. Is this the same loophole – religious exemption – that allows hellholes of deeply damaging so-called rehabs to operate in Florida?

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