Skeptic News: TV show for Exorcist Who Expels Gay Demons

From: Queerty

On Halloween night, Reverend Bob Larson will be the star of his own Lifetime Television reality show, The Real Exorcist, which follows Larson as he rids hapless souls of evil demons.  Larson has already shilled his spiritual snake oil everywhere from Oprah and Anderson Cooper to SyFy Channel.

Normally we’d rank this with paranormal-investigation shows and forget about it—but a rather chilling clip has surfaced of Larson performing an exorcism on man beset by a “gay” demon. After getting his subject to “admit” he committed homosexual acts, Larson repels the incubus, who sounds suspiciously like a bitchy drag queen we once knew in Baltimore. In honesty, though, we can’t really laugh at this ridiculous charade, knowing there are thousands of gays and lesbians subject to similar experiences against their will.

Once the exorcism is over, Larson addresses his audience: “I pray in the name of Jesus for those who may be battling sexual feelings of lust and pornography and lesbianism and homosexuality.”

It’s not often that paranormal TV and homophobia mix. But add some old time religion into the mix and it seems it’s fine to wrap up centuries old prejudices and bigotry as the devils work.


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0 Responses to Skeptic News: TV show for Exorcist Who Expels Gay Demons

  1. moe says:

    LIFETIME pulled his series the day it was supposed to start airing.

    Larson for a long time has been homophobic and against LGBT people. I have the vhs he sold to donors where he on his radio studio verbally abused to nearly foaming at the mouth a ” guest” in his radio studio who was a male to female transsexual. And this was broadcast on his “Christian” radio show during the era of actual physical attacks on people percieved as gay.

    Larson has other prejudices, including one against Native Americans. His homophobia is one reasin why his now defunct radio show was not aired in Canada and in Canada one of his appearances ended up very badly for him when students protesed and demonstrated against his university appearance. He has this tendency to say outrageous statements about famous people, such as claiming Heath Ledger was possessed by a demon when he played the Joker and said that because of his stance on stem cell reseach, Christopher Reeve is in hell.

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