Skeptic News: Worst products of 2012 including homeopathy

From: MSN

The consumer advocate announced the winners of its annual Shonky Awards in Sydney today with a range of well-known brands named and shamed.

Liquipel’s nanotechnology coating to make phone’s “water safe” also received the dubious honour after tests based on the firm’s own promotional video found their claims didn’t hold water. Choice sacrificed four iPhones in their experiments, which included dousing the phones in water and eventually submerging them, which the promotional video shows but Liquipel’s disclaimer warns against.

Homeopathic medicine maker Nature’s Way made the list for its ‘Kids Smart’ range.

Choice claims the products are harmful because they would do nothing to help a sick child.

Public health campaigner Dr Ken Harvey told Choice “symptoms like ‘restlessness, anxiety, irritability and agitation’ the ‘Calm’ claims to treat can be the symptoms of potentially serious childhood infectious diseases for which a homeopathic remedy is entirely inappropriate, and such misguided treatment might make a parent postpone seeking more appropriate medical advice to the child’s detriment.”

“In my opinion, such promotion is dangerous and an affront to public health and medical science.”

So there you have it homeopathy for kids is an affront to medical science.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Worst products of 2012 including homeopathy

  1. See

    Which quotes Sean B Carroll (one of my heroes) about how people are moved by stories.

    No amount of statistics will budge the woomerchants@ dupes. But stories like the unnecessary death of Steve Jobs (who delayed getting prompts and proper medical attention for his cancer), just might.

  2. Munawar says:

    Homoeopathy is not an alternative to the conventional medicine. Homoeopathy therefore may be used as supplementary one.

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