Skeptic News: ‘Babas’ back in business

From:  The Hindu

Things appear to be back to square one in the old city. After a long hiatus, faith healers popularly known as ‘Babas’ are back and this time they are adopting a new practice to reaching out to their clients.

Earlier, they used to operate from their ‘clinics’ but after the police crackdown in the last few years, they are now visiting their clients’ houses. So much so, they are just a phone call away from their clients and make themselves available from dawn to dusk, says a social worker.

“They continue to surface after every special drive by the police. Such is their influence on the clients that they are operating through a network of agents. If one has to contact them, it has to be through the agents otherwise they will not meet anyone,” he adds.

Though, a few faith healing clinics continue to operate in Vattepally, Misrigunj, Falaknuma, Bahadurpura and Hafeezbaba Nagar, those popular in Sultan Shahi, Moghalpura, Aman Nagar, Talabkatta and other areas have shut down.

However, the faith healers have not given up and are exploring new areas. As a result, their practice is now rampant in Shaheen Nagar, Errakunta, Hassanagar, Mir Momin Pahadi and Bandlaguda area.

In the last few years the police have launched several drives to contain the problem but have failed to succeed. “As soon as they come out on bail, they are back in the game. They make up the expenses incurred on securing bail by attending to just one client,” says a police official.

Instances of faith healers cheating innocent people, especially women, by promising to solve marital disputes, recovering stolen property and curing certain ailments are common.

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