Skeptic News: Squirrel terrorises Hants?

20121028-120039.jpgFrom: The Sun

THIS grey squirrel looks a scream as it appears to try on a Halloween fright mask.
Gran Vicky Freeman, 54, hung the scary skull in her garden ready for trick or treat kids to wear on October 31 — but the cheeky rodent beat them to it.
Vicky said in Fareham, Hants: “I was surprised to see the squirrel was so fascinated. It looks really frightening.”

It seems squirrels are even getting in on the Halloween action… Or are they?

In this case photos of the squirrel “wearing the mask” seem to ignore that the mask is hanging on a wire and the squirrel is simply behind it.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Squirrel terrorises Hants?

  1. Grannie says:

    Also, there is a picture – I think probably the original – in a Canadian paper, of a squirrel in this exact pose, eating from a coconut shell …

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