Skeptic News: Skeptics labelled as "organised hate group"

From: The Bolen Report

Tim Bolen is a Crisis Management Consultant, and a Health Advocate, in the Health Care Industry. He also runs a website The Bolen Report on which he rallies against an organised assault by a group, against companies, and practitioners, who offer alternative medicine and treatments.

Tim Bolen has a bee in his bonnet about Skeptics.

In a recent post Bolen accuses the international Skeptic organisation of being an organised hate group.

The rape, mutilation and death threats against Meryl Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination Network. (AVN) make a very clear statement about the reality of the international “skeptic” organization. The activities of Australian Skeptics, with their Stop the AVN subsidiary attacks, took the lid of off their formally secret plans.

Tracing the Die in a Fire” and “Just burn” phone calls back to top Australian skeptic leader, shoe salesman Daniel Rafaelle, the Stop the AVN head’s home telephone, brought everything out into the open. Remember, the Australian Skeptics, at their own “Amazing meeting” in 2010, gave Rafaelle their Top Award for his activities against Meryl Dorey and the AVN.

Meryl Dorey is gearing up for another round of attacks, this time, most likely violent disruption of AVN meetings, by the shoe salesman Daniel Rafaelle’s strike team.  But this time, Dorey has advice, and support, from very tough Australian attorneys eager to engage Rafaelle and his “skeptic” ilk.

Earlier this year a magistrate in Ballina granted interim Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) against Daniel Rafaelle, creator of Stop the AVN and Dan Buzzard, an active member of the same organisation. The judge declined to grant an interim AVO against the third defendant, Peter Bowditch, but evidence will be provided and there will be another court appearance in November of this year. On the basis that Meryl Dorey, head of the Australian Vaccination Network notorious in skeptical circles for it’s anti-vaccination propaganda, had received threats via email and phone.

Peter Bowditch responded to the allegations on his personal blog stating:

 My violent threat was to say that someone who encouraged people to contact my family and tell them I have mental health issues should leave my family alone or I might respond and they might not like the response.

Dan Buzzard responds to the allegations on his blog stating:

 In his latest article Bolen talks about Daniel Rafaelle and repeats the allegation that several threatening phone-calls were made to Ms Dorey by Mr Rafaelle. However there is little reason to believe this allegation to be true. It’s my understanding that the police investigated and found insufficient evidence to support any accusation against Mr Rafaelle.

Buzzard also points out that Bolen makes a number of remarks on his post that could be construed as threats of his own:

In short, if played right, the stalking “victim” can lure the predator into a dark place, so to speak, where angry friends are waiting (quietly) to make the equivalent of a “citizen’s arrest.” And, they are allowed to wait there quietly, armed with the equivalent of a baseball bat, or two, or three, to be used to “subdue, with reasonable force” the stalker, holding them for the local law enforcement. Now ask yourself “What exactly would YOU, as a reasonable person, define “subdue, with reasonable force?” considering, first, that this “stalker” has, already threatened “rape, mutilation, and death by fire?”

Of course, with the threat level what it is, in Australia (rape, mutilation, and death by fire), a prudent person would have one, or more, friends with Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, experience along so that if a weapon appeared in the hands of the stalker… Use your imagination.

Here Bolen seems to advocate entrapment and physical assault which seems far more deserving of an AVO than the accusations levelled against Australian Skeptics.

But worse than that Bolen has far more hateful views on Skeptics believing us all to be “angry male homosexuals masquerading as atheists” and “whose management has a significant interest in paedophilia  its promotion and protection”. These are libellous statements but they are sadly not uncommon in certain quarters of the alternative and complementary medicine world.  He accuses skeptics of wanting to institutionalise those with cerebral palsy, autism and traumatic brain injury and that skeptics concerns about unevidenced and potentially dangerous alternative medicine treatments are simply them redirecting their self loathing at the world.

Tim Bolen clearly has something of a skewed view of skepics, a view skewed by hate and anti-gay bigotry, and is clearly taking advantage of the fact that skeptics will stoop nowhere as low as he is willing to address his claims.

Bolen invites us to judge a man by the content of his character. If we are to do so than we have to judge Bolen harshly as he supports dangerous quackery that turns loving parents into child abusers and is happy to lie and defame his opponents rather than support his own position with reason and evidence.

We have to conclude that Bolen is  a very nasty man.

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0 Responses to Skeptic News: Skeptics labelled as "organised hate group"

  1. A very nasty person indeed. Fortunately his claims are so out there that most sane people won’t give them a second thought.

  2. Adrian says:

    Bolen, nasty? Seems to me nasty is uttering death threats, sending photos suggestive sexual abuse and mutilation and being named in an AVO…..Bolen has simply reported the nasty and criminal activity of the skeptics: Buzzard, Raffele, and Bowditch.

  3. Tim Bolen says:

    Thank you for commenting on my article. I will see that you are kept up to date on further developments – and there are several on the way in Australia.

    I have written several articles about the self-styled “skeptics.” You are welcome to sign up as a subscriber.

    To catch up you could go to the link below, read that article, then peruse the titles for related articles in the table on the right side of the page. Each title will take you to a new, interesting, link.

    Tim Bolen

  4. Tim Bolen says:

    Thank you for commenting on my article. I will see that you are kept up to date on further developments – and there are several on the way in Australia.

    I have written several articles about the self-styled “skeptics.” You are welcome to sign up as a subscriber.

    To catch up you could go to the link below, read that article, then peruse the titles for related articles in the table on the right side of the page. Each title will take you to a new, interesting, link.

    Tim Bolen

  5. Can you substantiate any of the following interesting claims?

    “The so-called “skeptics” are a misinformation campaign run by angry male homosexuals masquerading as atheists whose management has a significant interest in pedophilia, its promotion and protection. They have replaced the old “quackbuster” operation.”


    “Skeptic work is little more than employment of young homosexual men whose anger, self-loathing, and bitterness at the Judeo/Christian world and its handling of homosexuality issues normally makes them virtually unemployable in society. So, they have available time – and a computer. They are taught to use that time to focus their self-loathing outward, Using anonymity, lashing out viciously at those targets they are organized to attack, by “Skeptic Central” on the internet.”

    Can you prove such a thing as “skeptic central” exists?

    Can you substantiate claims that skeptics want people with wide ranging health concerns institutionalised?

    Can you substantiate claims that Skeptics are “Are they sociopaths, psychopaths, sub-humans with pervasive personality disorders”?

    In fact can you verify anything you have on your site beyond your own ferverent belief in it’s validity?

  6. Greenwhat says:

    Those following this story may be interested to know that there is a little more news. The Apprehended Violence Order against Daniel Raffaele has been dismissed by the Court, with costs awarded to Mr. Raffaele. Meryl Dorey did not bother to attend the Court, so her claims of being in fear of her life seem to be completely hollow.

  7. Tim Bolen says:

    Endless Psych:

    I have hundreds of thousands of readers, and I cannot answer each query I get. But, since you seem, from your commentary, to actually BE one of what I somewhat privately call “the Homoskeptuals” I will suggest to you that you take the time to answer your own questions by reading the sixteen plus articles I have already written on the subject.

    You will find the links to them in a table just to the right of the article you just finished.

    Have a nice day…

    Tim Bolen

    P.S You may find these interesting also:

  8. Why anyone, in this day and age, would even briefly consider that anyones’ sexuality had any bearing what-so-ever on their understanding of science and medicine is beyond me.

    But then I am not a bigot.

    I see a lot of claims on your website that are conspiratorial, fantastical and just downright lies.

    I think you will be very dissapointed if you expect an English court to side with Wakefield. I also think you will be very dissapointed to discover that one scientific study does not a consensus make.

  9. Tim Bolen says:

    Endless Psych:

    Your education has begun.

    Of course sexuality has a bearing on thought process. Men and women approach issues from a different starting point. Different races and cultures do the same. People who speak different languages come at an issue differently.

    Conspiracy? The world is not always a pretty place. The “skeptics” are what they are – filth.

    Wakefield is suing Deer and the BMJ in TEXAS, not England. The Texas jury is going to HATE Brian Deer. And, that will be that.

    The “Danish Study” by Poul Thorsen is the Bible for the vaccine construction.

    Tim Bolen

  10. Poster says:

    Assming we accepted sexuality played a part in the thought process, one would have to then ask why Bolen singled that out when by his response of 5th November he lists sexuality, race & culture as issues that he alleges affects the thought process. Why is he hung up on homosexuals? Is it homophobia we are seeing here? Is a person with a very obvious phobia actually able to make informed comment on a subject, or is homophobia (like sexuality, race & culture) also likely to play a part in the thought process? Seems to me that it would, and therefore make all comment by such a person unreliable.

    The fact that he sinks to generalised insult also proves that his comments an opinions on this subject are worthless. Firstly, he doesn’t understand the term skeptic because the reality is that we are all, including himself, skeptical of at least one thing in our lives so by his logic, everyone is filth, including himself. The term skeptic would be more accurately applied to those, like himself, that are skeptical of reality, the government and of course science and facts, so he seems to be labelling himself.

    He also apparently believes himself to be a psychic, predicting the outcome of court cases before they occur. A normal person would offer an opinion at this point, but not Bolen, he offers his opinion as fact. Not a very mature behaviour, and certainly not indicative of a *real* social commentator, I think that’s a title he’s invented courtesy of the internet. He’s as much a social commentator as I am, so I might update my resume to reflect my new position.

    As for opinions on the American legal system, well we all know how reliable that is … the most litigious country in the world, so the end result of a court cause in America is that someone may get money, or not .. the lawyers will certainly get rich, but it’s not going to be an indication of anything relevant. Look at the Apple/Samsung issue .. the American decisions side with the American company, whereas the rest of the world sizes with the side with the valid point.

  11. He also seems unaware that Wakefields case was dropped because of juristictional issues.

  12. Tim Bolen says:


    I can see why you hid behind a fake name. Your commentary was not well thought out, organized, nor even basically coherent.

  13. Tim Bolen says:

    Endless Psych:

    You need to learn to read.

    But you were amusing…

  14. Tim might I respectfully suggest there are a few things you need to learn:

    1. How to read and appraise scientific energy

    2. To recognise the difference between suing a journal and it’s editor

    3. How to construct an argument

    4. How to overcome your homophobia and argue a case based on its merits instead of resorting to a ridiculous logical fallacy.

    You are a very silly man. Particularly as you have plenty of time to respond here without addressing any points made against your argument after saying you lacked the time.

    Tell me it I were to go through your site and post a rebuttal of everything incorrect, fallacious or malicious would you then find the time to respond?

    I ask because it’s something of a mammoth task and there are more important things I could be doing instead if your response will just be deflection and ad hominem.

  15. Tim Bolen says:

    Endless Psych:

    I can see, now, why you are forced into Endless Psychotherapy.

  16. Classy.

    When the homophobic bigotry ain’t working for you resort to the mental health jibe.

    What a darling you are.

  17. Ann Parkinson says:

    Let me get this straight…..uttering threats of death, sexual assault and mutilation is not hate? Bowditch, Buzzard and Rafaelle will soon find themselves criminally charged for their hate activities. This will not be Bowditch’s first time either. In the ’80’s he was charged, convicted and incarcerated for aggravated assault.

    The activities of these individual are no doubt crimes of hate and the ever so accumulating amount of indelible evidence on the internet is proof positive. Bowditch’s AVO has been delayed because it’s being considered for criminal prosecution.

    The courts will no doubt make examples out of these haters and the Australian Sceptics who actively encourage and goad these criminals.

    • I’m afraid there is actually more than one person in Australia called Peter Bowditch. The one you refer to isn’t the same as the skeptic.

      But why let the facts get in the way of a nice piece of slander? Particularly when there are children to harm by fighting against vaccination.

  18. Ann Parkinson says:

    Sorry Endless Psych….there is only one Peter Bowditch in Australia. So you feel it’s justified for these individuals to utter threats of death, sexual assault and mutilation given the Australian Vaccination Network’s position on vaccines…Seems to me if these sceptics had any facts to support their position they would resort to the facts rather than threats of violence. These individuals have been charged with the exception of Bowditch whose activities were even more disgraceful and criminal than Buzzard’s and Rafaelle’s. Bowditch’s case has been referred for criminal investigation. The Australian Sceptics have also been included and named in the action for criminal investigation.

  19. Ann Parkinson says:

    MMMM….not too quick to respond this time are you…No doubt you’ve been ravenously emailing Bowditch who will no doubt deny everything, after all he is a sceptic, but I don’t believe him. I do believe he is a criminal and the record and his threats of death, sexual assault, and mutilation prove it. It appears that according to Bowditch and his sceptic friends, Ms. Dorey is not entitled to an opinion and should she have an opinion, Bowditch and the sceptics are entitled to resort to any actions they feel justified. They have engaged in criminal activities on the internet and telecom. These criminal activities are well recorded and in front of the courts. Your defence of these haters, criminals and reprobates is not unlike being an accessory to a crime. Keep it up and see where it gets you….

  20. I have seen no evidence, other than the hearsay of one side, that these individuals made any threats what-so-ever.

    The Peter Bowditch to which you refer does not have a criminal record for assault. That is a different Peter Bowditch.

    Ms Dorey is entitled to her own opinion but she is not entitled to her own facts. She is not entitled to spread disinformation and outright lies about vaccination. Lies and disinformation that are a very serious public health concern.

    It is worth noting that the Apprehended Violence Order against Daniel Raffaele has been dismissed by the Court, with costs awarded to Mr. Raffaele. The AVO to Dan Buzzard was sent to the wrong address. No order has been instigated against Bowditch who is still awaiting a hearing date.

    What you believe has no bearing on the facts of the matter. Which, as they currently stand, two skeptics have been exonerated and one is still to have their day in court.

    Anti-vaccination groups are some of the most pernicious and malficient groups on the face of the Earth. Turning loving parents into potential child abusers.

    No evidence of any threats of any sort being made has been provided. These cases are slowly unravelling.

  21. Tim Bolen says:

    Endless Psych:

    If you spent less time in Endless Psychotherapy, and more time keeping abreast of the facts you would have found out that shoe salesman Daniel Raffaele signed an agreement with the court to stay away, completely, from Meryl Dorey and the AVN for one full year.

    But, please feel free, yourself, to continue that sort of activity and keep me posted, so I’ll be prepared to write your Epitaph once the Australian Police shoot you down outside of Meryl’s house.

    Have a nice day at your Pyschiatrist’s office.

  22. Brian McLoughlian says:

    I can’t resist….here’s another doozy! Bowditch, who was also named and cited the AVO was introduced by a mud slide of evidence to court that clearly demonstrates how truly sick and twisted he is, not to mention the potential danger to the community at large. What the court witnessed in evidence were photographs of a military attired individual raping the lower half of the mutilated corpse of a female, sent to Ms. Dorey by Bowditch. Bowditch’s inference was this was going to be Ms. Dorsey’s reward if she doesn’t shut down the Australian Vaccination Network. The warning signs are clearly evident to all in this matter. Bowditch is an unhinged lunatic time bomb that will go off at any moment. He has been “watched” by NSW Police who have described him as “not quite right”. Further Bowditch published on one of his hate sites what are very clearly threats of violence towards Ms. Dorey. There is no doubt that Bowditch will be criminally charged and this will be a day celebration for all those who have been victimized for years by this lunatic……

    And yes, I too searched Auslii and found that Peter Bowditch had in fact been charged, convicted and incarcerated for aggravated assault.

  23. Can you provide links to back up any of those assertions?

  24. It’s also quite remarkable that Peter Bowditch, the Australian Skeptic of European Caucasian extraction, apparently convinced NAALAS to defend them.

    Who are the NAALAS? Why they were (they are now defunct) North Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service.

  25. It’s great to see the anonymous liars out in force. They provide much amusement to we sane people.

    Not that what anyone does for a living is in any way relevant, but Dan Rafaelle is not a shoe salesman, he works for a local council library. Tim Bolen has been told this several times, but facts just don’t stick (and don’t matter to Tim).

  26. Tim Bolen seems a very disagreeable person.

    Though there are stronger words someone could use for someone who believes homophobia and ablest taunts are worthy of actual debate.

  27. Tim Bolen says:

    poor peter:

    It is good to see you here using your own name instead of one, or more, of your myriad male, female, and homoskeptual personas.

    But you, as usual, offer no proof of your assertions. Rafaele is a shoe salesman. Better yet, he is a shoe salesman with his foot in his mouth, and he just switched feet. Maybe you could get randy Jimmy to buy him a ticket to the Las Vegas Amazing meeting to get him another Award. They could share a room? After all Jimmy is now looking to replace someone in his life, right?

    After all, he, Rafaelle, IS Amazing, right?

    But, for you, now, the shoe is on the other foot.

    Have a nice day…

  28. Why anyone would choose to listen to a homophobic bigot like yourself Tim is beyond me.

    But it’s pretty clear from both your comments and your website that you have nothing of any substance to say.

  29. An Fan says:

    “The anonymous liars are out in force” Who would not want to remain anonymous around Bowditch. “They provide amusement to we sane people” The interesting fact in all of this is that Bowditch thinks he’s sane? There is no distance greater than thast from the truth of this. Insane people don’t know they’re insane. This is generally what makes them insane. Do sane people utter threats of death, sexual assault, mutilation, slow death by fire…..Do sane people publish videos of YouTube that they think are ingenious, while the rested of us are repulsed. Do sane people spend all their waking time jerking off on the internet or tweeting, like anybody cares, “I’m at the bus station” “Oh I had latte”. The writings and tweets from a 65 year semi-retired and semi-retarded illiterate jackass, as seen by those who are really quite sane, is proof positive of Bowditch’s insanity.

    This will be front and centre in the court hearing for his AVO. Two of his fellow sceptic arseholes, Dan Buzzard and Daniel Rafaelle, have been successfully charged. Bowditch’s charges were somewhat a little more complex….criminal and thus the court is taking a little bit more time to make sure it has all the evidence it needs and it does. Bowditch victims from around the globe have been sending all sorts of evidence to the court and the evidence ranging all the different types of criminal utterances, to stalking, criminal and defamation…and on and on.

    Oh it’s going to be a great day. And Bowditch, should you read this and I know you will, I want to offer my condolences ahead of time. You will surely be banned from a computer or any other device to access the internet in addition to the criminal charges. Your kids should very proud of their dear old dad. But no worries you can always take it out the good abused wife and give her another beating….’cause somebody deserve one and she takes like a man….right?

  30. Big Blue Sea says:

    So, more great news about the great man. Bowditch has been begging for money on to get his sorry ass to QED. He’s had it up for about 3 months. He’s begging for $5,500.00 and so far, with 8 days left, he raised the massive amount of $145.00! Wow!

    If you dare go to the sight Bowditch has posted a picture of his greatness…I’m not sure if looks like a complete nutbar, pedophile or if its a post mortem shot…..but you gotta ask yourself would really wann donate to somebody who looks fucking creepy…

  31. Insane people don’t know they’re insane. This is generally what makes them insane.

    That is uninformed bollocks that reveals, as much of the rest of your post, that you know little, if anything, about mental health issues.

    Do sane people utter threats of death, sexual assault, mutilation, slow death by fire

    Two things. No one has substantiated these allegations in any way shape or form here. To repeat them is little more than supposition. Secondly, sane people are more likely to utter those threats than “insane” people.

    Your views on mental health are stigmatising and entirely out of date.

    Two of his fellow sceptic arseholes, Dan Buzzard and Daniel Rafaelle, have been successfully charged.

    The charges against Rafaelle, at least, have been dropped.

    As for accusing Bowditch of wife beating – any evidence?

    Furthermore accusing someone of being a “complete nutbar” or a paedophile does little more than expose yourself as a small minded bigot.

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